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Frage von ragemein:

I signed up for new times to get rid of an issue here. I have purchased a few days ago a brand new JVC GY-HD251E (demo unit with zero head hours) with a dealer from Krefeld. So far, I have always with my JVC GY-DV 5001 and rotated with the Panasonic DVX 102BE.
Now when you turn the camera I noticed that the rear housing, especially with the connections and s.Battery heated but very beautiful. It is not hot but still unusually warm. Such a thing to me is I worked with other cameras I have and still work never noticed. Does anyone here have such experiences synonymous. Is this normal for this type because of the compact Bodys?
The customer service of Sony, they told me I should not worry me, where current flows would occur synonymous heat. There were a fan in the camera. Seems synonymous to work. I really do not trust the peace but not yet. Unfortunately I have neither here nor in the forum on the net found something about the warming of the camera. The manual includes but is not synonymous out. I would feuen me if someone can help me here and tells me his experience.



Antwort von Charlinsky:

Hi Ralf,

I had filmed with the HD 110 and now with the HM 700 of JVC. It is 100% correct, become warm during the synonymous and the parts of the handle - synonymous unusually warm. It is related to the attacks were transferred to the heat flow lines - this is the statement of JVC Professional technicians with whom I had talked specifically about this issue. Do not worry Be happy and so wonderful s.der Cam - I know the way synonymous Avento is a bit chaotic with him, but he is top correctly!



Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Yes chaotic but top.

The heat is conducted from the chip to the back, see s.Laptops heatpipes. Usually sits behind the fan - as synonymous with the HM700 has a special operating hours counter for the fan, the mere hours of recording and does not count the hours of operation.

The cameras are hot is normal.


Antwort von ragemein:

Thank you for your super quick responses. Since I am reassured for now. I have such a warming only ever experienced with any device and found no reports synonymous. Although the camera is quite compact so it takes but a relatively high current. I think my 5000 JVC has even lower consumption. But that must be kept live.
By the way, in terms Avento Wessel I thought would have something against me as a customer. I have not bought there for the first time but added to the used equipment never worked right away. Times missing accessories, even what was broken. Really seems to be a bit messy although there is an effort to correct the errors. But it is annoying when you always have to criticize something. The HD 251 was new. But I had only recently bought a SonyZ1 just because I switch to HD synonymous and need a small camcorder. On the Charger for which should be included, I am waiting still. It should be supplied with the HD 251 - was nothing. At my request via e-mail I have no answer synonymous. Too bad I live so far away, otherwise we might all be resolved on site. But the Prices are really good at Avento synonymous and used my DV - cameras, Mr. Wessel to good conditions in part exchange. As can be seen on local times of trouble away.
So again thank you for your answers!

Greetings Ralf


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