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I have for my HF200 Sonyeingesetzt until now only 16 GB of maps, some have tried do not work (Transcend, Kingston, China ...)
Now I want to grow a 32 GB card, what do you have?
The problem with two other maps of Transcend or Kingston was, I have taken photos or videos, but then the file was selected in the Camera with a big yellow question mark. This is not at the Sony cards. However, the very expensive and perhaps even of an institution Tip
thanks and greetings
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Works fine with me. Important: The HF200 has a bug which 10 Class cards are not recognized correctly, so only Class 4 or better still use 6.

Class 10 cards to run in the action as a Class 2


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hello prime,

thanks for the link, the price is unbeatable ...
yes yes, the problem with the class I had 10 synonymous, I thought that I think of the new camera wat good tu -.
strawberry pie


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