Infoseite // What Farbsampling Canon XL1s?

Frage von Dexter:


someone knows exactly which Farbsampling the Canon XL1s PAL masters? I have found wiedersprüchliche information. For NTSC would be the alleged 4:2:2, PAL 4:2:0. Is the information correct?

Supplementary question: Should it be 4:2:2, how can we use that possible? MiniDV records so only with 4:2:0 on. Since the only possibility would be only one cable connection or a radio link, right?

Thank you.


Antwort von Manuell:


I do not believe that the XL1s can 4:2:2, which is not in NTSC 4:1:1?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

4:2:0 Whether on tape or Firewire only after translation into a format such as intermedia NeoScene Avid or Pro Res 4:2:2 gefaktedes can create NEN, NEN what the "Keyen" Bissel makes her more important-3db Gain ! (Or with Neatvideo or DeNoiser Script Gain values in chickens wander in front of the rushing rausrechnen otherwise Konffeti snow in the picture ;-))

B. DeKid

PS: With Green Screen 2:1 ie 2x5400 1x3200 Kelvin Kelvin to the mix is good.


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