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Welchen PC für Bearbeitung von HD-Videos?

What PC for editing of HD video?

Frage von AbsoluterBeginner:
November 2010


I am a beginner in the "semi professional". I have been with a JVC DV Cam, cut and filmed with Magix Video Deluxe (Media-Martk level). Now set to change that.
The plan is to buy a Sony HVR A1E, a JVC GY HM100 or a Panasonic AG-HMC41EU.
This choice is clear only by the current retail price ..

The processing in the future I will angehn with sony vegas. If necessary to
synonymous Adobe After Effects are used. About the desired final format, I can not say much. It will probably amount to 720p. Video length usually about 5 minutes (, music videos).

Since my Pentium4 3000MHz go now finally retire must, I wanted to ask around me even know what s.PC hardware will be needed.
I want to continue down a Windows PC because I'm not a Mac-boyfriend.

Here is a current compilation, I made a PC Manufacturers:

Intel Core i7-875K 4x2933 Mhz
H55H-M ECS Motherboard, Intel P55 Chipset
8192 MB DDR3 RAM Memory
ATI Radeon HD 5500 graphics card with 2048 MB

What is your opinion? If this Calculator ausrecihend or do as more steam into it?

Antwort von mann:

"Absolutely heritage Ginner" wrote:
Intel Core i7-875K 4x2933 Mhz
H55H-M ECS Motherboard, Intel P55 Chipset
8192 MB DDR3 RAM Memory
ATI Radeon HD 5500 graphics card with 2048 MB
If this Calculator sufficient?

I am not a specialist in hardware area, but I also want to upgrade soon to handle AVCHD I informed coarse, so with an Intel Core i7 You're well equipped already optimal.

Even a i5 has appeared, so I've also read somewhere, almost the same performance as an i7 comes as more of the graphics card.

Antwort von AbsoluterBeginner:

You get to hear the wildest speculation, when "I want to edit HD video in real time," expressed:)
I've picked out extra ne GraKa with 2048MB. Only intended as such does not mean ....

Antwort von mann:

The link did you even seen a true non-failed:
http://forum.slashcam.de/suche-ein-gutes-notebook-fur-den-schnitt-vp457371.html?sid=fc21f7d6dfa8575f01529975acaba3e5 # 457 371

Antwort von AbsoluterBeginner:

Yes, I have. I need NEN i7, to me. Only with the graphics card I'm not sure ...

Antwort von AbsoluterBeginner:

I've now won through to a ATI Radeon HD 5870 ....
I just do not know whether the last:)

Antwort von mann:

... I can say, unfortunately, nothing more, but guess that the more MB graphics card has, the better;

if I can afford in the near future, my wish machine = Powerbook Pro MC371 (more is not in it), then this, except the i5 an "integrated Intel HD GPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M GPU with 256 MB (GDDR3).

Guess the performance is in this configuration (4 GB RAM) not be bad, but would clearly be better 512 MB or more.

Others know but in the matter certainly better than I do.

Antwort von luggiii:

Without having read everything now.
I've got an iMac for i7 2179th - EUR
Is great, everything runs perfectly!
For a really noticeable increase in performance, the price / performance ratio deteriorated so much that it is in my opinion is not worth it to spend more.

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