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Frage von Toni007:

Hi. I do already have several years of music as a hobby. However, with unprofessional equipment. Now I have decided my official camcorder to buy, but I do not know what music videos for s.besten suited. Maybe someone can give me some tips, with which I am to an optimal result.

Then I would have still a question about the cut place:
I'd like to use a PC and the software Adobe premier, because to me the program is familiar with.
I have this election by any loss of quality?
... otherwise, what would be the perfect square cut?


Antwort von Jan:


we must first of all about the price talk, otherwise it will be difficult.

He should he Lowlight reasonably convince a manual shutter, gain, defined. For manual Focus Peaking s.Bord have to help. A useful synonymous Wide Anglewäre well, which is usually seen only s.3000 ¬, or you are satisfied with a purchase of a wide-converter.

All you get s.3000 ¬ without the big pond to swim.

If it is 500 ¬ budget, then it will be difficult.

At the bottom there is Canon HF 100 (HD with flash memory) & Canon HG 20 (with HD hard drive or flash memory) Canon HV 30 (with HD Tape)
to 800 ¬, then SonyVX 2100 (with cassette PAL) SonyFX 7 (HD with cartridge) to 2000 ¬

Then compounded by PD 170 (as often used with small camera for Henkel music (of course, not for big projects) and concert recordings a few years ago - but hold only with quality PAL tape), FX 1000 (with HD tape but without XLR), Canon XH A 1 (the favorite to 3500 ¬ with XLR), AG HMC 151 (50 P - because of their looks - Test Videos and reports were often lately), higher than the SonyHVR Z 5 and Z 7, Panasonic AG HPX 170 and the PMW EX 1 & 3

In recent years there has been synonymous increases SonyFX 1 and the set Z 1, the two models, but at the moment quite quickly through Z 5 & 7 or PMW EX 1 & 3 replaced - depending on how much money is there.

But the most important is a good illumination of the location, a concept, a good crew and performers motivated, good ideas, obtain equipment (crane, Tripod & Dolly), find the perfect location, a very good cutter (the cut & color are possible when Music video of very great importance), etc. ..

Or Adobe Premiere Pro?

Yes, with Adobe Premiere Pro can work well, at least not in the television sector - there are products like höherklassige of AVID.

The simple do it synonymous premiere, when the right man and the right woman sits behind the calculator.



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