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Frage von Mandira:

I bought last week, the Pana sd707 and am very happy with it. Now I am programmed to the search for a suitable editing. I just would not have any experience with video editing and I appreciate your advice.
I would love to work with p50 in 1080, only, is suited my calculator?
Processor: Intel Core i7 820 1.73 GH
Ram: 4GB
graphics card: ATI FirePro M7740
What editing program you can recommend?
Thank you


Antwort von Mandira:

I have just downloaded MovieStudio10 Vegas trial. I have a 1080 50p - Play movie in the preview window, but unfortunately the movie is jerky, the normal, or what you can do about it.
Is it not perhaps that my calculator is strong enough, if so, s.welcher component / s it is?


Antwort von gekkonier:

Avchd clips, so synonymous kind that makes your 707er are very very very more CPU during decode.
One possibility would be to first transform into a clip schneidefreundliches format.
In Vegas Pro (not Movie Studio) you can the example with the proxy script have to do.

Otherwise you could try the clips in the run with a software in an i-frame format, convert, and then use the converted clips.

I-frame clips need far less CPUpower to decode.

You still have the option in the Movie Studio (also synonymous reduced in Vegas Pro) to preview quality, but I do not know if that will be sufficient for your CPU.


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