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I find myself still in the learning curve in terms of "Premiere" and enjoys now synonymous of self-made material.
Only when it comes s.den final export, I am sometimes asked about something.
I film in 720p with 50 frames and 35MBits.
My videos are to be published first, on YouTube and Vimeo, offered for other than synonymous H264.mp4 for download.
For YouTube and Vimeo Premiere is indeed ready profiles. Because to me is the question of whether videos that have been exported to "better" quality appearance, not later synonymous better in YouTube? Or renders YouTube anyway all in "his" Resolutionund I choose synonymous s.besten the YouTube profile?

In the settings for exporting the format for the Internet Download I'm perplexed. I choose most of the profile "720p 29 frames xx" and change the frame rate to 50 manual I leave eisntellungen all others as they are, this video is huge (mind you with H.264 codec in mp4 container) and can not play the jerk at all without Calculator.
I am faced with the problem that I combine the best quality with the lowest feasible space must ...
The videos mostly ind 4 minutes and should be no larger than 150MB in size. What export settings you recommend me?


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At the end of this thread I'm even a bissel said was:


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