Infoseite // What software or what effect?

Frage von Sipart:

Hello, I'm new in the amateur filmmaker,

so far I have simply filmed, and then draufgehalten as fast as he burned to DVD, then was ok for my needs.

I will now turn now for a fight Kunstverein a little video.
For example, a person who is just a Bewegungsfomr should be run only as Silouette see how I can realiseren the s.besten.

'm Really neugierug ....



Antwort von universl:

The boys wear dark, adjust background light as possible, then the brightness values. ready.


Antwort von Bruce:

What software are you working so far?

) With MVD (Magix Video Deluxe 2005/06 pros I've done so far very good experiences synonymous and the price - performance for money.
In this program, I would Beutz the chroma key function.
The people filming in front of a blue or green background in the green auskeyen MVD, then put the rest on brightness value 0 and if, perhaps even runtersetzen visibility is a little bit (it should appear as a "shadow" oser so ...)

Hope I could help

Grus, Bruce


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