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recently had problems with Premiere Pro 2.0 and then read it s.vorhandenen video codecs on your pc and may be thus've deleted all the first time as far as I was .... well almost all ...

in any case now goes back premiere, but my preview in premiere is pixilated when I reflect on a standbild ... the quality is like, but once the sequence is played back, the ad is pixilated ...

So now the question, what video codec do I need to install in order back always looks good:)

Thank you

mfg thomas w


Antwort von mcstudios:

Take a work area bar so on video for about 5 seconds and then press Enter. Then it should render.

Possibly reduce your PC for playback, resolution, because the system is overwhelmed? Is it HD material? What kind of calculator are you using?

Take a click on the RGB icon in the program window and select for quality "high" from. Then you have not a more realtime.

or render

Many greetings,



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