Infoseite // What video compression for DVD's is the best??

Frage von Armin Schmidt:

can someone help me?

I had often shown the problem is that of mier made DVD's can be viewed on the computer while in full bloom, but those with a DVD player and a video projector, s.Bildrand circumcised. When purchased DVD's this does not happen, why??

So it is apparently not the usual trimming of television sets.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Armin,

somehow the title of your question has nothing to do with the posting, right? For what reason a beamer should make a distinction between different DVDs from the same player?

Is it possible that different connections were used (eg video - In and VGA)? In the Picture can be pruned from the video input from the VGA input does not.


Antwort von toshi:

The title is really not so very passent, but well ...
zunächsteinmal So are you saying I believe in the overscan (or overlay) problem. And they have all the DVDs, purchased the synonymous. If you looking at that on a normal CRT TV is always something missing from the rim, no preference whether you look normal television or DVD guckst. Only the films will be produced so that it no one noticed. On the monitor or LCD / Plasma Television you will have no problem with it synonymous. However, I am surprised that it synonymous with a projector so that problems exist.
So you have to accept the possibility that it is always something missing, or add black bars on the video material, which can then be seen, however, on monitors, but not on a normal television.

Whatever solution I ever used is to include 2 versions of the movie on my DVD. ) Once the normal (for monitors, and) with the black edges (for CRT TV. Of course, go only if enough space is on the DVD.

Perhaps I could help ...


Antwort von Markus:

"toshi" wrote: ... the overscan (or overlay) problem ...
Overscan is fair enough. You can (should schedule) this trim in the design of titles and DVD menus with, then you can play anywhere Picture-/Tonträger equally well. Every professional editors make it that way. ;-)

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