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Frage von vkr:

Hello Dear Forum Users,
I'm looking for a device that covers many areas.
What it can not be good photos with wide - that I have a SonyR1.

But what I need:
s.Gerät for "always there"
b) video directly onto memory card for fast viewing s.PC after recording end with a quick jump s.beliebige place (finish control)
c) ResolutionHD would be good, but not necessarily
d) video at least 2 h s.Stück (I often cut goal enemas for people with no legs to be there for handling). That means either a very long holding Battery or the possibility of the device has power to operate.
e) Photo function with at least satisfactory results (at the construction site, for family trips, etc.)
f) during the video, the video image on a television or a PC will
g) 2-3 times a year should I use for our small stage at varying artificial artists on the stage record (for archive's - not to sell)

The price is actually secondary.

A digital camera with video function has always been eliminated, because the video recording time is usually artificially limited, so the camera as a camcorder must be paid.

CA65 Sanyo Xakti I once read / wasserdicht nice = / d = impossible / e = not more than enough / f = impossible / g = impossible

Sanyo HD1010 currently in operation for almost s.schon too big / d now primavera / e is now much better / f = still impossible / g now synonymous entirely satisfactory (greater light lens, manual ISO helps very good choice)

Since I am now the Sanyo s.einen interested fair could sell, the question arises after the next model. What the market has to offer and was of me so far discovered:

SonyTG3: a = very good / d, e, f =? / G could be given in the small Lens s.der lack of light probably fail

Canon HF100: The picture quality is probably about radend in class / at rest, I am yet to be uninformed. The "Klorollenformgehäuse" is probably for "always there" not so suitable as the Sony, but if the rest would vote ....

Panasonic SD9: e) is not particularly

So now your: ideas / suggestions / info / etc?


Antwort von WeiZen:

FX-1000 or Z5 with recorder


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