Infoseite // Where to buy JVC GY-HM100E with accessories?

Frage von Buchungszeichen:

I want to buy me like the JVC GY-HM100E with accessories. The entire course should be as low as possible. I thought at the following accessories:

BN-VF823U, 2190 mAH Li-Ion Battery
GL V0746U 0.7 x Wide Angle Converter
32 GB SDHC card
Windscreen / Windfell for Micro

Can you recommend a backpack?


Antwort von domain:

Example, if you called the Camera with the additional price "chat room" in Google, then you get 35,000 entries displayed.
If Google is all for something good, then for product and pricing information, but also occur frequently clicked ads synonymous first and foremost.


Antwort von mon3:

very clear recommendation: Teltec

Because there are currently have one action plus porta brace bag in the value of ¬ 200 to free: DV / JVC_GY_HM100___Porta_Brace_Tasche.html

synonymous there you can get excellent advice and very good package prices.
Request s.besten everything by mail, gives better rates than if you own everything in the shop to order!


Antwort von Buchungszeichen:

Here I get the JVC for about 2400th - without accessories:

The sterling rate is not so bad now ...

In for 2040 .- Euro, but there's next to come Inch, etc. ...

I probably near the backpack itself rather schonmal Have I made for my F3 with a sleeping mat and coated fabric. Or I'll buy it to me here:


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