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Frage von starcat:

Hi Folks,

I have a JVC Everio GZ-HD7 HD camcorder which I was very pleased, but this joy is getting smaller when I look at the interlaced images of this camera, not even to be picked up properly with 1920th As of the JVC can speak proudly of progressive CCDs, and then throw away half the information and record interlaced PAL-like at times? On the nice lens or the many manual settings, you can safely dispense with the Picture. And I've already taken the transformations of the TOD format in Purchase ...

So my question, with what I can replace the HD7 camcorder? What I need is a good * progressive * Full HD Picture, 24p are preferriert of advantage and of course, the optical stabilizer is no preference to me, because I films with one Glidecam. The recording medium synonymous, can AVCHD, MPEG2, MOV, or what will always be synonymous. Ah yes, I am working and cut with Apple.

Me is synonymous noticed that the HD7 absorbs the Picture rückelhaft if the camera z.Bsp. quickly pannt. The resulting effect is as if images are dropped in the camera. Is this normal in this price range, or is this a problem with the HD7? On the small screen, of course, everything looks normal, but that has little to say. When the camera is gepannt very slowly, then everything is ok. Is the "rolling shutter"?

Thank you for your answers!



Antwort von starcat:

No one has a tip for me?


Antwort von Daigoro:

"Starcat" wrote: No one has a tip for me?

Tip? Incorporated into the matter.
1080i50 are standard (and the HD7's going comic detours, but apparently is compatible with 1440x1080i HDV - from her average synonymous), the both of the camera, as synonymous with the editing program supported as synonymous with the television.
And the fact that with a bit geklicke can easily convert into 720p50, 720p25 or 1080p25.

Even though the HD7 is not a top model: the film looks not as if you were expecting as you do, is when one is new in the matter (in rare cases, breakdowns) s.der Camera.
The Effect of you described though sounds like rolling shutter, but only occurs closer to CMOS sensors - the JVC's CCD. (, which could be s.OIS a commission which was criticized in many tests - should be during the filming of Tripod not hurt anyway)


Antwort von starcat:

Thanks for the tip!

I think what the technique auszukennen concerns me somewhat. We went I did not complain about the camera, but the question was more "with which camera I can replace them if I want to record PROGRESSIVE turned off in 24 or synonymous to hire 25 full frames, so 24p or 25p). The OIS is and I mostly movies With the action on a Glidecam HD-1000 (; perfect) set and partially synonymous with Tripod. Nevertheless, this "effect occurs" during fast camera-on swivel. Yes 1440x1080i synonymous puts them on the "i" bothers me, but total, synonymous if you can convert it, the result is not the same as in film because of the progressive frames are simply shifted in the time just creates uncertainty and it looks disgusting. Perhaps I have too high expectations, because I take photos with a Canon 1D Mark III and louder f1.4 lenses, but what comes out on video is just beneath all dignity. Yes, I know it depends much of the sensor size s.and the cams have just shoot at small sensors ...

Again not my question was, what is the difference between 24p, 24F or 24psf or other principles, but I need a camcorder, the progressive 1920x1080p24 absorbs (; I could possibly live with 1440x1080p24) and extrapolate anything, or somehow interpolated images and then reconstructs indicating FullHD be! So please help to Cam-Choice and not statements what's what. The state agrees that the Manufacturer is not just, or is it marketing so that you usually draufkommt after the purchase what they really meant it.

So ask for tips on what I should get me? I Have the SonyHDR-FX1000 (but unfortunately tape, but has an external memory synonymous recorder), JVC HM100 (but, unfortunately, only at 720p natively) or z.Bsp. Canon S100 RF. The Canon XH-A1, unfortunately, ruled out because of the 24F. As regards money, I am completely open, just and true REASONABLE / native progressive quality should have the part and (; if possible) not be very large. Therefore also separated shoulder camcorder. I have looked at synonymous, of course, the Canon 5D Mark II, but unfortunately it has no AF in video mode and is difficult to use than Cam. But the picture is unique and progressive takes them on synonymous, s.The picture quality is not ran Videocam, perhaps the CineAlta F35 at 150k. Unfortunately.

I have no problem deinterlace 1920x1080i video to the HD7 and cut into Apple Intermediate convert them to Rechnenpower and memory is sufficient for the present. But the interlaced picture disturbs me just totally ruined, and any transformation in addition the image quality.

I cut with Final Cut Pro and iMovie '09 synonymous, the JVC GY-HM100U I would therefore be very irritating but only 720p native ...

Should the FX1000 because native 1440x1080p24 on?
What is with the EX1?
How good is the 24p on the Canon S100 RF?

The size and price is perhaps the EX1 my ceiling.

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von gunman:

What do you mean ONLY miut native 720p? What else?
Maybe I'm in the wrong movie, but 720p is 50 but class, or ...?


Antwort von anlias:

The EX1 / EX3 that offers everything you want is included 24p. Together with the unique lens and the possibilities should remain open because no request.
Gruss Andre


Antwort von starcat:

The EX3 I have not drawn in considerable ... is already too big and too expensive for me. The EX1 is the limit and weight and price.


Antwort von Harald_123:

"Starcat" wrote: but the question was more "with which camera I can replace them if I want to record in 24 or PROGRESSIVE synonymous to hire 25 full frames, so 24p or 25p)
The HDC-SD300 is synonymous (in 1920 x) 1080p25.
I have hardly used in practice, because this format tends to under many conditions to the typical jerky.

The GZ-HD7 can you ask synonymous in the longer exposure times than 1/50s. From a time that now I do not know by heart, the output is progressive. I also recommend to set the GZ-HD7 principle to 1920x1080 pixels. The quality is better then in rapidly changing image content, since in this mode, higher data rate is available.


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