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Welche LEDs sind für Videoleuchte geeignet?

Which LEDs are suitable for video light?

Frage von AkaAlias:
April 2007

I got myself in a technology assessment for the construction of a video light, ruled by weak auto lighting is concerned. The light from white LEDs should exist, because it has some advantages to have a light bulb. Which LEDs could you recommend me that are not too weak. Should I install multiple LEDs or is there one? The SCM can I create myself, it's just about what I should take LEDs. Perhaps could you tell me synonymous, batteries which are suitable for s.besten.

PS: Since I use them later synonymous, I would still be in arrears for electricity with 220V power sockets installed. That is not entirely harmless. Someone sent me this a circuit diagram or tips how I can install?

Antwort von ollyander:

If you're technicians should you any questions you can answer yourself.

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Huh! You want technicians to preliminary level, and ask questions like a 11-year old home in the bush? Well ... Good career, wünsch ich!

Do you have a few of your problems by Google (this is a program that is online, ie on the Internet, a worldwide network of computers, which computers with monitors, keyboard and mouse, which is an input device for controlling the cursor, which is the mouse pointer to click on icons of what the small graphics display programs are, it is, it allows to find information) is trying to solve?

Antwort von AkaAlias:

I will not say yes but he has written and Testing TECHNOLOGY nothing of technicians. Would be quite possible that he still goes to school ...
But s.Besten again that he should clarify itself.

Antwort von WINner:

Also here:


Antwort von AkaAlias:

I've already gegoogelt. since I came to the Page of Conrad and Co. They have about 500 various LEDs. Nirgents is there something about the luminosity of these parts. I thought that some of you are knowledgeable in the field. Well, since I was probably wrong.

PS: In art, we learn nothing about technology. My knowledge in technology is that I have mostly taught myself, as our teachers always abhaut and then let the other Leutdioden and capacitors explode.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

http://forum.slashcam.de/led-videoleuchte-vt42603.html?highlight=led + film tale

/ E

Antwort von AkaAlias:

Thank you, that I was very much brought next. But where can I get those LEDs? It is synonymous to me just the name of the LED. My art teacher may then order (if it does not play abhaut) ;-)

Antwort von AkaAlias:

Great Case ...

But if you do in your school do not learn about technology, you're right here:
Here you will learn nothing about video technology!

At least not of the p ubertierenden P app s Asen (PPN), which here have responded so far.

If not now exactly what you're looking for, but someone very vividly describes the self-MTB a headlamp using high-power diode.
If, with some variations, synonymous fit for your purpose


Antwort von AkaAlias:

Bravo ... the first useful contribution s.diesem day. That is exactly what I was looking for.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

@ Host
Do While legal, but Pappnase yourself -:)

/ E

Antwort von Peter06:

Good LUMEN LEDs deliver much in as little as possible WATT. This property, for example, Cree P4 or the Seoul P4. For a video light enough to not be just one. You will be at least 6 or more (then depends on how much power you want verbraten) LEDs require.
The big problem with LEDs is the heat. These LEDs necessarily require a large copper or aluminum body.

As a power supply you can lead with either a 12V or you will take on Li-Ion Batteries. They're a lot easier then, but something synonymous to expensive and complicated in handling. On Ni-Mh Batteries, I would not put, because they are too expensive (8 euros / Ah cells in low and 16 euros / Ah with good cells.

Will lead to
- 2.7 Euro / Ah at 7.2 A Panasonic
- 6.3 Euro / Ah for Panasonic 3,2 A
- 2.8 Euro / Ah for Panasonic 12A

Li-Ion Batteries (simple design with 2x Canon BP-945) come to
- 5.82 euro / Ah

Weight will lead 350g/Ah and Li-Ion Batteries 94g/Ah to the Wage.

These figures all refer to 12V.

Antwort von jonas_kl:

I thought s.einen 7.2 / 7.4 V Battery. So I still have one model of car. With LEDs, I have a Z4 found. My art teacher said that no cooling since they already shelled out would be well chilled. To my circuit:
There is to be a dark circuit, which responds to low light and turns on the LEDs. Since we are in teaching technique is not something I must learn it well yourself. I will probably at an electronics component distributor for help.

Antwort von jonas_kl:

a twilight circuit, I have my physics teacher zusammengelötoet times, it just see if I still had control plan.

Antwort von jonas_kl:

Guggst you Gugel under "Schmitt-trigger."
Since you have your circuit.

I would not do. Why the effort?
Concentrate rather on the correct color temperature and Lichstärke.

Antwort von jonas_kl:

It is the way that the circuitry is thrown, but none of us knows how such a circuit presents itself together. The others make a change then stop or turn signal ne alarm and draw the circuit diagrams from the Internet, what you should synonymous. Because I do something else, what it is in the Inernet is not there, I halt the ares ***- card withdrawn. Our technology helps me because teachers are not synonymous. "We have it through" ... the joke was good. If anyone can ... so what he can say yes to me, as I s.besten make. Otherwise, I ask the seller in the electrical shop.

The circuit consists of a switch with the function On / OFF / AUTO (auto LED goes on). The ON position and each car has a small LED lamp operation. Perhaps a switch should still be there, with the man can determine how many LEDs s.sein be (3 / 6). It sounds very simple, but since it is determined ätliche incorporate transistors and resistors and of something I have no idea.

Antwort von WINner:

More seriously;
do not you agree that you are with such a project only on ford?
Afterwards, you have spent money and it funzt nothing.
You ask really things that you need to know before you even think s.so a story.
Shoot what you would prefer to eBay.

Just out of interest:
What is this for a Leeranstalt in which the teacher will walk students and capacitors zerknallen approved?

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Anonymous" wrote:
(...) Because our teacher always abhaut and then let the other Leutdioden and capacitors explode.

So You're 16? Something like what you say with only 16th Then you should forgive your expression. As a tip, I recommend a couple of video lights and borrow at times just to look at. LED is not really great. Large Manufacturer try since a long time off and come synonymous not too good products. You have to plan that your video light during daytime and at night goes. And then they do not always burn brightly. So look at different color temperatures and how you can regulate the brightness. The LEDs need to search on yourself. Eighth on the brightness and just what a light competence. led1.de is pretty good.

Antwort von WINner:


Since when is our favorite of all those answers?

Antwort von jonas_kl:

It must be yes no ultra-high performance LED's with 5 watts. It's just a matter that the teacher sees that the thing funzt. Whether the lamp radiate a warehouse or just as bright as an operating lamp of my router which has no preference.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"Winner" wrote:

Since when is our favorite of all those answers?

Since the beautiful last night, Schatzi!

Antwort von Wolfi.:

Kanst thou not thy Häämd Schieck of last night? And the small Siielberauto and a Flaaasche of the beer, which has gebriiekelt so beautiful in my Bauchnabbel.

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