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Frage von Elena:

I am looking for a TV card so I can see my Dreambox signal (S-video / Composite) s.PC.
From my Dreambox is a SCART adapter with S-Video and composite connection, so the PC to the TV card.

I had bought a Hauppauge HVR-3000, but am not satisfied.
The quality is very poor, had even comic strips or hum as you always synonymous hot.
White diagonal lines interfered with the Picture.

I tried it with the tool ChrisTV and V7 of the Hauppauge TV.
I even made an update of the software, downloaded of the website and I think it was even worse than before.
The performance was very poor.
Multi Monitor (; two TFT monitors) is not synonymous supported.
My PC freezes each time one if I wanted to move the picture to the other monitor.

My computer is a Quad CPU with 8GBRAM, everything I've ever tested on a fresh new OS a mounted.
No drivers or tools are disturbing each other.

The function Time Shift, I have set to 0 minutes and the reaction was very bad, the channels changed very langsahm.

When I still had Windows XP I use an old BT848 Hauppauge card, the card is probably about 10 years old.
It worked wonderfully, the signal was great and everything was just great.
Unfortunately, I bring it not to run on WIndows 7th
I have tried everything, tried different drivers from the net all to no avail.

Now I buy a new card with latest technology and it works worse. Funny.

So I hope you can give me a tip.
It really would be mega sweet of you!
Best regards and thanks in advance in


Antwort von mic_pt:

a little late but perhaps helpful ..

the dreambox if she hangs in a stream network - that means you need not actually at the signal via RCA / SVHS s.den PC to transfer - but you give the browser the IP address of the dreambox s.and searched there the same outline on the ongoing program and you can then stream it via (synonymous HD box if it supports your view). I suppose because the VLC video player which is quite fix - otherwise you have WebTV synonymous with the possibility to see the the browser window.

And you can send a message ne s.den PC - because of "Honey beer is all" - which will then be shown large and wide s.TV;)


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