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Frage von royalsolo:

Hi guys and the ladies were synonymous gegrüsst ...

I want me a good christmas Cam buy, mainly for our child to film (which is only s.May will be available;)

It should have a SONY DV to no preference photographs, must be 16:9 (usdeshalb synonymous sony)

SonyDCR-HC23E (DV)
s.232, 99
SonyDCR-HC24E (DV)
s.245, 77
SonyDCR-HC35E (DV)
p.281, 9l
SonyDCR-HC44E (DV)

can anyone mkir the differences of the cam than 800 K and 1.07 k pixels tell?
what should I nehemn?

it does say yes - s.400 cams suck erst .. why? I do not need a film-like quality, but good would be nice;)

thank you in advance ...
solo royal


Antwort von Chezus:

If you really film-like quality you may want a few more zeros s.deine Prices ranhängen.

Did you not test this Cams found or read?


Antwort von Problemlöser:

halloooo Chezus ...
he does not want the way you think he should be in MM advice ...!!!


Antwort von Chezus:

I want him aufschwatzen not synonymous. Do you MediaMarkt?

A good comparison can get you in
With these cams, I know, unfortunately, not enough.

But as I said in other threads've written (for buying) that you prefer more times 100 euro should invest. It really has more of it. Panasonic NV-GS 180 for about 460 euro is always recommended.


Antwort von royalsolo:

Hi, thanks for your answers, would be glad if someone has a helpful comment to me.

I've already read so many tests, but s is really clever man so it is not synonymous ...

On heise watch me again at ...


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