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Frage von Wolf Weltweit:

Moin moin,

've recently gained a Canon XH A 1s and am now in terms of Tripod a little underexposed ". Do you think the Tripod Kit

Manfrotto 501HDV Video Stillimage, 351MVB2K Kit

a wise investment?

With best regards,



Antwort von nicecam:

Submitted for discussion to your kit, I personally can not say anything.

Many, I synonymous, have for this camera (or like) the "503HDV, 525PKIT.
The catalog will know you: Manfrotto Video Katalog 2009. respect: many of the innovations in this catalog, the digital cut back on show in Cologne was distributed yesterday, but not included!

Very ambitious filmmakers sometimes complain to me at the top of the kit-called 503HDV video head, while the tripod is highly praised 525MVB. In Horizontalschwenks to the head sometimes when starting up "stuck", I noticed some in ways synonymous.

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Note that some threads are a bit older!

The essence: Tripod Manfrotto and Sachtler 525MVB FSB6 head are very good choice. I will personally but not to change to the Sachtler head. If yes synonymous ne question of price. You can live synonymous with the combination that I have at present, very good.


Antwort von gast3:


I use the Manfrotto 351MVB2 itself, a m.Mg.nach very good thing, I find synonymous better than the 525, the upper clamping bridges are very fast and easy to operate.
When I have the tripod head 503HDV, I'm not particularly fond of the, I need very much the long focal lengths s.der Camera, so mostly I use my old Manfrotto 116 MK3-head, while heavy (3.5 kg) but was solid!

Carry me even more synonymous with the idea of a Sachtler FSB6 or buy any FSB8.
If you allow some funds, then buy something like "Full", otherwise you buy zweimal.Den sentence you will read over again!


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