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Welches Zubehör für FX7 (Mikro-Windschutz, Akkus, Regenschutz) taugt was?

Which accessories for FX7 (Micro-windscreens, batteries, rain) is good for what?

Frage von ars2000:
Oktober 2007

Hello in the round,

'm looking for accessories for my camcorder (FX7).

Maybe someone can give me advise you of the Page are.

1. Microphone windscreen
In the bay, I discovered two models.
Once diesthis.

The price difference is considerable. For the RoVoTech section, almost 50 euros is called. Quite a lot for a small Tonpuschel.

How do the two parts. Is it worthwhile to invest more, or is the part for 16 euro?

2. Batteries
Okay, I know there a few threads on this topic. The Sony batteries are expensive, but synonymous very well what the life is concerned. Very cheap replica. But what really suck? It's tempting to purchase equal to 3 Batteries, the price of a Sony-original. I am now no original accessories fetishist, a good reproduction without loss of function would be okay for me synonymous. In my Nikon D200 werkelt next to an original Nikon Battery Ansmann of one and it works excellent.

3. Rain
I've not yet really discovered a matching. The thing to rain and dust (sand, etc.) away from the camcorder, but the handling is not too restrictive. I have discovered as suitable for the FX1 and FX7 be advertised, but that can hardly be. The design of the camcorder is different and I suspect that a matching for the FX1 for the FX7 is too large.

4. Bag
What really suitable for the pocket FX7 can you recommend?
An aluminum suitcase, so sure of synonymous may be, no question. I am looking more for something that is synonymous hand compatible.
If in the bag next to the camcorder still synonymous replacement batteries and tapes fit okay. But that is not absolutely necessary. More importantly to me, a certain stability and order processing (eg, rain).

5. Reinigungstape
Probably unnecessary, even to ask, but after all the discussions about the ideal tape, I ask anyway. Is there no preference what brand you use, or if it is to match the tapes be used? With old camcorder I simply used what was currently available (tapes and cleaning tape) and have never had a single problem.

Danke schon mal in advance for your opinions and advice.

Antwort von kyromoto:

Alternatively, can I still recommend:
https: / / ssl.kundenserver.de / www.der-windschutz.de / SESS / UTN; jsessionid = 1545dd84b15f442/shopdata/index.shopscript
look here:
http://www.videotreffpunkt.com/thread.php?threadid=3852&sid =
because the cam is quite small as can be synonymous prima a backpack (loewe)
take and is thus synonymous bicycle mobile.
reinigungstape why?
hauptsache not a brand change, maybe not TDK, otherwise no preference ...
times in the fosu look.
gruß cj

Antwort von Markus:

"ars2000" wrote:
3. Rain [...] The thing should rain and dust (sand, etc.) away from the camcorder, but the handling is not too restrictive.

How should one part of everything harmful camcorder away, but the user "pass"? No, this is not ambiguous or ironic somehow to understand, but a factual question.

The cover of Portabrace is good, but the usability of a hand-held camera is much more difficult and requires some practice.

Antwort von ars2000:

Had something to do professionally, so only now a reaction of me.

On the windshield: Thanks for the alternative proposal cj, you have these micro-Windscreen in use, and proved he is? Even if the cost of such a comparatively small, I would already have one that works reasonably synonymous.

Batteries: Well, the info does not really make me smart. I will probably remain in the original, if the favorable synonymous Prices for replicas are very tempting.

Regen-/Staubschutz: Sure, Mark is right, it is somehow the squaring of the circle. Certainly, the limited operation, and while the camera remains operable, and the least usable viewfinders, I'm already satisfied. The parts of Portabrace shoulder when I know cameras, and there they are really good. However, I have not specifically for the FX7 found. The parts for the FX1 should be so large.
Can you, or another FX7 owner of a certain Regen-/Staubschutzhülle recommend?

Reinigungstape: Finds in this area so synonymous Voodoo instead, as with the tapes s.sich? I am writing this so deliberately provocative. I do not know why it is written s.einigen bodies should be such a tape regularly use, and is written elsewhere, it's not needed.

The latter seems a bit questionable, since synonymous with video recorders / tape / tape after a while wear on the head drum can be found. Regardless of whether you are in a band places will remain or not.

Bag: a backpack, I would not. I have such a back-Sling Backpack of Loewepro for my DSLR equipment and so am not really happy. A sturdy bag for me would really prefer the FX7? Specific recommendations?

Antwort von Markus:

"ars2000" wrote:
Reinigungstape: Finds in this area so synonymous Voodoo instead, as with the tapes s.sich?

No, definitely not. The stock splits are much more in those who are cleaning tapes completely verteufeln (and they do not use) and those who have a cleaning tape a useful attribute Effect (and those experiencing multiple synonymous already had).

Formerly synonymous times I had an aversion to cleaning cartridges

"ars2000" wrote:
Can you, or another FX7 owner of a certain Regen-/Staubschutzhülle recommend?

Unfortunately, I can not.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"ars2000" wrote:
...Regen-/Staubschutz...Portabrace...habe...keine Specifically for the FX7 found.

The Portabrace rain cover for the FX7 is called "Mini-DV Rain Slicker RS-V1", synonymous as it adjusts for the V1.

"ars2000" wrote:
... A rugged bag ... Specific recommendations?

Look at the times of disaster and petrochemical manufacturers around, there's a pretty big choice.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von waschmitteljunky:

the micro-wind, I have only once for light wind
used and the result was very good.
noname with the battery for the FX7, I am very satisfied so far synonymous
and can be used to akku sony no cost except for the differences.
gruß cj

Antwort von Jan:


On 2 - 7 Should the FX defenitiv not too many contractors, even as Hama company has known me for about 3 seconds, 04 C errors appear. So please, just one FX 7 owner trust, if a s.einer Battery VX 2100 / PD 170 is - means that there is still no guarantee that it synonymous s.der good FX 7 works perfectly.

On 4 - I had more of a less expensive bag - the Lowepro NOVA 5 - although there are better, but the price is quite ok, a rain is incorporated drüber to draw too many accessories, but do not fit inside.

to 5th Yes, there are wild debates here, I would not take Sony Premiums, but Fuji or Panasonic DVC tapes, possibly synonymous to "relatively" cheap HDV tapes of TDK.


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