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Welchen CamCorder zum aufnehmen von Skatevideos?

Which camcorder to record videos of Skate?

Frage von Patrick2511:
Januar 2011

Hello people
what you mean .... what camcorder should I take to buy of skate videos?
¬ 500
Greetings Patrick

Antwort von pasci:

Right away I notice relating to photography and skating the following:

Ultra-Wide Angle Fish-Eye Or better yet.
Always a nice low angle select (just above the ground) and then photographed against the sun / film (s.besten closed strongly with Aperture, so large aperture, so that the sun gets a star-shaped look )....

This will then give the cool-dramatic skater look ....

As for the camcorder I am not familiar as well as some forum member here.
However, I know that some Sony camcorders house of a good Wide Angle have (myself liebäugele with the SonyCX305).
And as I told a friendly forum member, you just go with an additional pulse WW adapter area quite well in the ultra-WW ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

... Only with the one containing 500, - ¬ is not so far ... for a WW adapter (ww = wide angle, ultra wide-angle uww =) 100 itself is over, - ¬ cost.

Unfortunately, many small Cams fix adapt meehr no adapter.

Important in any case in which the Sk8 Cam is possible has a stabilizer.

A handle a la http://opteka.com/xgrip.aspx the people can still tinker, but at FollowingShots / Lines (also behind the drive with inlines or sk8board) synonymous hold very important to be addressed here, the ground level.


There is the Media Page skateboard which is synonymous with the subject concerned, only one will tell you as the same.

So here you go s.besten top of the page on your camcorder database and can search for cams which cost 500 ¬, and then attach look into the possibility adapter.

You must have a Focal (KB) of at least 20 - 24 mm reach when you're coming with adapter to below 20 mm synonymous still well served.

B. DeKid

Antwort von pasci:

"B. DeKid" wrote:

A handle a la http://opteka.com/xgrip.aspx the people can still tinker, but at FollowingShots / Lines (also behind the drive with inlines or sk8board) synonymous hold very important to be addressed here, the ground level.

great link! Especially the video!

What was that for a cam?
And what kind of adapter he's got screwed? Fish-Eye looked out ....

recognize someone of you?

Antwort von pasci:

s.ja. ... already found! That is probably the adapter


how cool .... I will!

Antwort von Patrick2511:

Thanks in advance but would be happy to even more tips: D

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Lowest price max = 500 ¬
Models per page = 10

then scroll down and if the models are displayed on

Filter diameter

sure something will need then.

There can be synonymous see and recognize other factors / and then I would first say so 3 - 5 cams and then choose again to ask here what of those who hold this or whether it even has a model and can give you tips.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Crookie:

Panasonic NV GS series

Matching Kenko Fish Adapter
Handle it yourself

Fisheye and you do not even handle at first. Do you prefer the first with Cam familiar. Once you have your Fisheye, it can happen that you like it not at all agree, because the look is so cool.

Do not do that. Telephoto look better.

Antwort von Patrick2511:

So think that the Panasonic NVGs s.besten series is suitable?

Antwort von Crookie:

Those things are definitely good and robust. I do not know if there any more new there, but if necessary you will find on Ebay.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Patrick2511" wrote:
... I would look forward to even more tips ...

Perhaps it would be nice to clarify once the basic criteria: Want to add HD or is synonymous SD quality? If HD: If your computer is powerful enough for AVCHD or drive you better with HDV? If the camera is to be new or a used synonymous in question?

"Pasci" wrote:
... Great link! ... What was that for a cam? And what kind of adapter he's got screwed? Fish-Eye looked out ....

The clip is to be seen a Canon HV30 HDV Camera or HV40, the Converter is an Opteka fisheye 0.3x.

Antwort von TiMovie:

I have spent several years trying to film skate videos and cut (I am myself 17 years down skateboard)

Basic requirements are: a cam with "handle" and wide-angle

1. Not a CMOS chip with Rolling Shutter -> CCD
2. Fisheye is a must (of course not only to film it!) At skating
3. a handheld cam, the mini things are totally inadequate.

My suggestion if HD - now used> for example, a SonyFX1 is what you get but not for 500, - ¬ (?)

For SD recording the SonyVX 2000, (?) Very fashionable

From the new AVCHD gedöns with CMOS I would have for skating the finger!

Antwort von pasci:

That interests me but now synonymous:

1. What is the difference between HDV and AVCHD? Except that HDV needed because of the lower Resolutionbei the post less computing power?

2. What's wrong with CMOS and for CCD?

Antwort von Crookie:

"TiMovie" wrote:
Basic requirements are: a cam with "handle" and wide-angle

I see different. For entry handle such a man is not absolutely necessary. The main advantage in my opinion s.den thing is that you can do all the manual settings faster and more convenient.

A CMOS chip type of construction produces a rolling shutter. Therefore, something not necessarily recommended.

HDV is recorded on tape, while AVCHD compressed and stored on card.
Of disk devices, I would advise against the skateboard area, something very quickly affects a shock to the device.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

There is almost no CCD chips at this day. Or who knows ne new Cam with CCD?

And with Henkel in this case is not meant Henkelmann but about NEN handle you can hold the Cam synonymous lead.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Patrick2511:

It was actually like an HD camera and would they should record on card.
And I no preference whether used or new.

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