Infoseite // Which full-HD recording format when Blu-Ray?

Frage von technikfreak121:

Hello EX1/EX3 filmmakers!

Short questions;

1. Which recording format to choose if you want to create later a Blu-Ray Disc?

Had been filmed in 1080p25, I had to shoot any quick movements.
But when processing with Encore CS4 no progressive mode to 1080p25 will be offered.

2. How can I get the full picture quality good when burning the BD format is not a progressive format and with what settings you will burn a BD or what s.besten for BD?

Thank you in advance.



Antwort von wolfgang:

Well, unfortunately that is precisely the problem: as I understand it provides the Blu Ray spec no 1080 25p before (and not synonymous 1080 50p), but only 1080 24p. And of course, synonymous 1080 50i.

So if you want to convert the material is not that you would like to record in a format that can be subsequently used.

Another indication of a possible trick: you can of course record in 1080 25p - then print the material. And extend throughout the film slightly, so that 1080 24p (that is created exactly to 25/24). Unfortunately, this probably requires an additional synonymous rendering step, assuming that you only from the timeline, the material komlettt spend and then prolong a separate step (which might however need to stretch every single clip is probably enormous) much effort.


Antwort von technikfreak121:

... many thanks for your reply.
Thus, I will include in future probably the same in 1080p24.



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