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Frage von Gast0001:

The longer I have been already a panna sonic nv-gs 17 but only a very old computer. Now I want to know buy a new but not how much the megabyte graphics card should have. The rich must be 256mb or 512mb, or if you even with 128mb right? FYI the
nv-gs 17 is a 800,000 Pixler.
Thanks in advance .....


Antwort von Markus:


Although I can imagine that, do you feel about the possibility of video editing s.Computer, but if I am accurate, this does not go out of your post. - "Is that what you want?"

If so enough already 128 MB (or even 64 MB - as in my internet PC) on the graphics card. Much more important would be the presence of a Firewire port, WinXP/SP1 (without SP2!) And an additional, large hard drive for video data.

"Gast0001" wrote: FYI the nv-gs 17 is a 800,000 Pixler.
... like any other MiniDV camcorder exactly synonymous (720 × 576 =) 414,720 pixels on the tape recording, as it of the DV specification is required. ;-)


Antwort von Gast0001:

Tschuldgung if I did not even have mentioned it right, of course, gehts mir killed after capture, and possibly something to editiren. I've already Pc peeped out 3 times with 3.6 GHz IEEE 1940 (Firewire or whatever but that is SOWISO sounds much better ...). hdd and WinXP is synonymous clear but why service pack 1 and no 2


Antwort von Markus:

"Gast0001" wrote: ... why service pack 1 and no 2
Because SP2 always makes problems:
Wenn Firewire nicht (richtig) funktioniert

Zwei Harddisks wären besser: Eine für System and Programs, die andere für Daten. Damit lässt sich synonymous ein Image of c: speichern.

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PS: IEEE1394 (Firewire = 400)


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