Infoseite // Which mic and mixer needed?

Frage von Jacky:

Hello dear people,

I want to rotate a documentary in Nepal. I'll grow me a Sonypd170 and am not sure what the external directional microphone is suitable. We will increase us a little angel.
Second question: Do we want to omit us with a mixer. Is it sufficient if we s.der Camera levels or the risk for overload too big?

Thanks s.alle respond
LG, Jacky


Antwort von mdb:

A Sennheiser MKH 416 is always good. Of course, with the mixer and sound engineer, because he then synonymous with the fishing rod may connect their headphones and what you hear and can take care centers around the sound quality. Moreover, all you probably need an external power supply for the Micro. This, of course, the Rycote windjammer or something, I guess times, Nepal = mountains = much wind. And then s.besten wirelessly to the camera, so the guy will not be disturbed s.derselben (the Tonamnn must draufhaben the course so he would not standing around in the Picture). And the fishing is not too short.


Antwort von Keff:

Schonmal MKH 416 is a good choice. But then: "an external power supply for the Micro. This means that this is a micro-capacitor, that is operated with a phantom power supply. So you need a portable mixer (preferably SQN), which provides your Micro. This combination is broadcast standard.
As for the radio link: Since you should Approximately 800, - extra charge. I do not know how much you as your familiar, but I'm sure that a cable connection makes more sense because when you spark gaps nor the sensitivity s.Sender and s.Empfänger levels you must also synonymous again the DBs. If it all together (you must aslo is still active "squelch" because the distance btwn Sugg and transmitter is too large), the number of possible sources of error rapidly to ...

In short: SQN MKH 416 + + "coiled cable" + XLR Cable + Headphones and you're well out.



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