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Frage von jarbas1958:


Somehow, I again only "station".

I have a digital camera bought (Lumix DMC-TZ7 of Panasonic).
These video recordings can be synonymous with HD quality.
An HD-Ready LCD TV we have.

About the HDMI connection, I can look at the Filmed.
The Camera of the generated MTS files (renamed to MPG) can be synonymous to the PC.

But what Equiment (for example, etc. ..) I need, so the videos synonymous with a "disc" can be played?
My old can with the renamed MTS files not start.

Have a little gegoogelt and the search of the forum used, but still "station".



Antwort von weitwinkel:

of scribe:
zb. blu ray burner and player, ps3
without disc:
media player a la TViX or WD-TV
with appropriate software ...
FoSu everything else ...
gruß cj


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