Infoseite // Which program you can recommend for DVD authoring?

Frage von Buchungszeichen:

Hello, I currently use the CyberLink PowerProducer of with a template and would like to express my videos more individuality.

So far I have been concerned more with the Windows DVD Maker, and DVDLab. The DVD Maker of Windows gives me a few features - DVDlab probably too much (I do not get to it) quite rightly.

Can you recommend me an intuitive program, such as the Power Producer, which will offer more options?


Antwort von SammyGray:

Come synonymous with your checkbook ...


Antwort von Marco:

DVD Architect Studio of Sony Creative Software for 32,00 ¬.



Antwort von Buchungszeichen:

Hello I have Sonyinstalliert of the program. seems to meet my needs so far.

However, I do not understand how to insert several pieces of music for a slideshow (Bildkompiliering). Now I have just made a large number of mp3 music files, which of course at different bit rates is not so ideal.

When PowerProducer can be synonymous to zoom the images automatically - is that somehow synonymous with the DVD Architect? The slideshow would be dynamic ...

PS: I now my project so far completed with the above restrictions. My 4.5 version supports only 99 pictures in the slideshow ... Since this is a test version, I would imagine that the limitation is lifted in the full version or a later version than the 4.5 ...???


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