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Frage von HD-Stephe:

I've bought three days ago, the Panasonic HDC-SD707 (was praised so much, before I was the owner of SonyDCR PC 1000e).

Now to the core of my question (s):

I'll post Act. nor the Magix Video Deluxe 16 before.
Brenne Act. yet on DVD, Blue-Ray burner is in the near future but to do so.

I am still completely undecided whether I should shoot in 1080i or 1080p (the latter gives the camera her yes).

I burn both ways on DVD the result is to say the least at any criticism.

If only the Blue-Ray option, or there's maybe in the DVD format, one or more tricks?

Some letter, yes, it is better to shoot in 720p - find the setting in the cam but nirgens - this is all about?

On the subject of interlaced or progressive is not written a lot - it is in practice, so the following post and burn to Blu-Ray really that big a difference?

Would not like me, four 32 GB SDHC card Buy ðJ

Finally, the issue of PC hardware - I'll come s.einem Act. Quad-core is not over, right?

Many thanks in advance!


Antwort von deti:

- I would always shoot in 1080p50 - which is s.universellsten, because you can make it all the format for each application (such as 720p50 or 1080i50).

- It is for you only once the question of where and how you want to watch your concoctions? If you want to get the HD quality, so really there are only two options: a BD burner and BD player or HD-Media Player with (USB -) hard drive. I would tend toward the latter.
There is currently no Media Player reflect 1080p50, you should herausrendern the films after processing in a compatible format. This is an excellent example of 1080i50 - this looks on the television very well, but s.Computer from rather poor - this should be something like 1080p50 or 720p50. For the Web should be on YouTube as 1080p25.

- Yes, a quad core is highly recommended. If necessary, a different processing program synonymous ...



Antwort von filmconnexion:


You are usually safe with 1080p/50 on the page. You can downconvertieren any time in SD and have the reszing or slowmos enough data so that the synonymous looks good.




Antwort von kiteschlampe:

I only use 1080/p50. synonymous pull out pictures, and the result is always great. movies but always synonymous in the sun outside.

synonymous suitable for slow motion.

NEN have quad core, the i7 is going next.



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