Infoseite // Which video mixer for 4 analog sources?

Frage von Gastfrager:


for the operation of a television (PAL) in a developing country will be one (like second-hand, older, CHEAPER!) video mixer sought, should be mixed four analog sources:

- Computer (not further specified, suspect composite or S-VHS signal)
- DVD Players (well)
- Satellite Downlink (just)
- Studio camera (as)

With border s.Sicherheit probability there is no way the Camera and the other sources other than via internal TBCs video mixer together in sync.

Behold Your an opportunity for under 500 ¬ s.ein matching device (what?) To come?

Thanks and best regards,



Antwort von stef08:

As far as the studio camera is concerned, incidentally, is apparently weak old VHS cameras.


Antwort von robbie:

Phew, I recommend one of the 4CH panasonic mixer. which you get at a well-known internet auction house around 300 euro. which for these purposes are then quite well-suited ... ;)


Antwort von Eggerd:

Search for WJ-AVE55. Is my knowledge of the cheapest 4 channel. The fit of price and technology.
4 times Composite and SVHS. If you need the data I have a PDF.
mfG Eggerder


Antwort von megalutzi:

according to my observation, the Videonics (or synonymous ROWI) Mx-1 is the cheapest 4-channel. Is at least cheaper than the Panasonic devices, however, synonymous professional look.
PDF `s like this I've synonymous, is my second mixer.


Antwort von dash snow:

Thank you! Perhaps synonymous any Sony devices as Recommendation? (Only the spectrum s.Möglichkeiten to expand and thus to increase the probability, a suitable device to be found)


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