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Weitwinkelvorsatz für Canon HV20

Wide-angle attachment for Canon HV20

Frage von Addie:
Mai 2007


my old Hama Wide intent for my old NV-GS22 fits unfortunately due to the small diameter (37mm) is no longer on the Canon HV20 (43mm). This however was not so much synonymous toll, when the sun was already fairly strong reflections on the pictures to see what's on the LCD viewfinders, but not too noticed. Well, ¬ 10 on eBay, what should I expect ...?

Question now is: what wide angle converter for the HV20, you can recommend? I would like to see this not as a total cheap part here. In Still Image Mundus (www.foto-mundus.de) I as a Kenko view of around 60 ¬ or Raynox HD-5050 (

Antwort von deto:

The original Canon (WD-43) there are still synonymous, but it costs 150 ¬.
However, I have no experience with the Weitwinkelkonvertern, but I would be interested in who becomes synonymous recommended.

Antwort von deto:

The WD43 of Canon is an old version of 8mm. A WD-H43 does not yet exist. Whether the WD43 for the high demands of HDV, I do not know enough. But I believe rather not. With the Raynox, I have good experience so far. Be my Raynox HD-5050 growth times and see how it is.



Antwort von Addie:

Yes, from the HD 5050pro I have read a lot of good synonymous.

Antwort von deto:

Synonymous days.
Would like of the HV10 to the HV20 and move here and inform me whether this makes sense. For the HV20, I took synonymous with www.foto-mundus.de the HD-5050 purchased, as the Preissuchmaschine.de with the lowest were synonymous and lens hood to have offered the same.

The HD-5050 works with my HV10 very well together. The sharpness and distortion is very good for me.
Whether this be used on the HV20 is I do not know.
Become a dealer at times I ask.

Frederik from Mettmann

Antwort von Yann:

I am now the HD-7000PRO + RA5843 ordered the adapter .. for my HV20

Here is a list of what the HV20 fit http://www.raynox.co.jp/english/video/pdf/Canon_HV20.pdf

Antwort von deto:

I have the Raynox HD-6600-52 + 43mm adapter to HV20.
The results are great. The intent is fully recorded and zoomfähig virtually non-existent. Where are the HD-7000 of Raynox?
I think in Europe is not available.



Antwort von deto:

I've searched briefly and in USA, Canada, ... there is the Canon WD-H43 already. However for about 200 - 230 $.
What is generally with the quality, the original converter their money value, or can be calmed down a Raynox buy?

Antwort von Yann:

Since I have not big nachgeschaut 1st because of the WD-H43 is not available is 2 because it is too expensive (but his money worth evt) 3. because I do not want to import.

I have the HD-7000 ordered http://www.fotokonijnenberg.be/. I am Belgian and I am at the shop on the Raynox Page came when I shop in Belgium was looking for.
But I think you can without any problems since synonymous order.


Antwort von Kujo:

I have the Raynox HD-6600-52 + 43mm adapter elected. For 119 euro + postage at E-Bay purchased. Just after HD-6600 or Canon HV20 at E-Bay looking for. Then you can find them.



Antwort von Yann:

I've now synonymous ordered the HD6600 since the HD7000 was not available in one store. Easy on Ebay .... ma look like it is.

Antwort von Jan:

I had the H 43, in conjunction with HV 20 on a road show of Canon drauf, was quite beieindruckend - durchzoombar little sharpness losses, etc. The thing is synonymous but not easy, because Canon has probably all know how reingesteckt.

The price, however, is sensational, Sony naja power at the HGS synonymous not better ....


Antwort von Yann:

wohaste the WD H43 bought the ... 've never found the import to and I had no desire

Antwort von akinnok:

According to the Canon WD-H43 only be available in the autumn. price for 180-200 euros.
Did this information to me after the synonymous Raynox HD-6600 +43 mm adapter ordered. According Raynox he fully zoomfähig be synonymous and a very low distortion which. Bin mal gespannt and then be enrolled.

Jens Büld

Antwort von Jan:

On a Canon Roadshow (product performance for dealer) I Both (HV 20 & WD H 43) in the defect had.

I can only say that part is not easy to grade, Canon has probably only first-class glass & Compensation used.


Antwort von arnosworld:


I'm synonymous in search of a wide-angle converter for my HV20.
The technical data of the Raynox HD-6600-52 (+ 43mm adapter) first read quite tempting. However, the HD-6600 to 52 a front thread of 72mm and 75mm of an outside - as it seems to be fairly close to the distance to the Instant AF sensor (front left lens of the HV20).
In any case, if I with the ruler of the lens center based measure, looking at a radius of about 37mm, not much of Instant AF sensor indicates. For wide-angle operation must be the Instant AF then probably better off and with normal AF to work, right?


Antwort von Yann:

I have the HD6600, look burned http://www.hv20.com/showthread.php?t=428 videos since I've posted you must Works AF only Instant AF off, is synonymous in the manual if you have a WW needed.


Antwort von arnosworld:

Thanks Yann, have your videos viewed and test now synonymous the body found in the manual ... am now synonymous as far as the Raynox converter to obtain. Schönes Wochenende!

Antwort von kuebler:

Can I ranhängen times here? I have just completed a HV20 ordered to my current SonyHDR-HC3 to get better picture quality.

On the Sonyhabe I intent permanently to wide-VCL HG0730X aufgeschraubt. The additional weight and the larger length to disturb me, but that's me the increased flexibility worth recording.

Now I need something comparable to the HV20, but if possible so small and light as possible. The WD-H43 I am aware, but the one apparently does not currently deliver to and perhaps synonymous already too big for me.

I realize that I have something smaller and easier to lose some image quality might, but if it is not too much, I would like to weigh at least it can. The price is relative to me no preference.

For suggestions, I would be very grateful, because amateur status because I simply have no overview. Thank you very much.

Antwort von Benutzername:

Look here:


In this store there are more wide-angle lenses for the Canon HV20.


Antwort von kuebler:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Look here:


In this store there are more wide-angle lenses for the Canon HV20.


Danke schön. That is now relatively large and heavy, and I want it to permanently hold the HV20. More times than layman asked: what is because of the following to hold:

Antwort von aneubert:

Yes, I would be interested synonymous, as the Kenko 0.5 x performs.
The factor is, for me, although afraid, but on the other, he is responsible for the image circle of the HV20 expected / designed - so synonymous has an advantage over the larger Raynox.

If someone has the Kenko or has read something about it, I would very interested because I still have found nothing about ...

Grüße, Andreas

Antwort von Darth Twoface:

Did the WD-H43 with the HV20 in use and write my experiences here:

Antwort von ruessel:

[list] I would like this info before purchase gahabt

    Guckst here: http://www.fxsupport.de/25.html [/ list: u: dd8a13e771]

Antwort von kurt haas:

The absence of synonymous Canon, I have the Raynox HD-6600 were purchased. Since it has filter threads, I was able to directly synonymous filter and use Aperture. This was an important argument. With the picture quality, I agree and he stands at nearly 50% price of the quality of the Canon does not.


K. Haas

Antwort von Markus:

"kurt haas" wrote:
... I have the synonymous Raynox HD-6600 were purchased.

Welcome to Kiel,

how many do you have because Converter now? - I am amazed it is only a little, that you in the light of comparison cheap Kenko

Antwort von Nacho:


someone has experience with the Raynox HD-7000? Has become synonymous in Germany.

Would look forward to feedback, I am floating between HD-6600 and the 7000 and her out.

Thank you!

Antwort von Sir Benni:

I have the 7000 and am satisfied.
Picture quality is good and fully zoomable synonymous. Only the I-AF sensor is already "something" hidden.

Antwort von Fr0stbeule:

When Raynox 6600 or 5500 of the I-AF sensor is not obscured?

Antwort von Sir Benni:

"Fr0stbeule" wrote:
When Raynox 6600 or 5500 of the I-AF sensor is not obscured?

But synonymous - is synonymous with the WD-H43 no different.

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