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Frage von Stone1982:

Hi there!

Directly in advance: I have now been studied for 5 hours, the whole WWW beaten for a suitable solution, but so far has set no success. So synonymous at the risk that the solution lying around here somewhere, I have this issue must now open (unfortunately).

I have a JVC GY-HD100. Yesterday I took 1 hours Tape (MiniDV) in HDV 25p.
Today I wanted to capture the whole thing in Premiere CS4, but as far as I'm not even come.

I connected the camera via the IEEE 1394 interface with my PC (FireWire card with VIA VT6306 chipset). The camera is outside a switch that can be set to either HDV or DV. As synonymous with my yesterday I have this recording in HDV mode.
Then I put the camera in the "Play" mode and waited for that my PC (Windows 7) recognizes the hardware.
The reaction was still lacking!
Only when I set the switch on a trial basis DV, erklong the typical "ding dong" of Windows.

Why is that?

I noted that even with the attempt to leave now the camera in DV mode and thus to capture in Premiere do anything because the recordings were indeed made in HDV. Premiere does not move here.

I already tried HDVSplit synonymous, but the program does not recognize my camera in HDV or DV mode.

I come s.Ende always the same decision.
Why does Windows 7 on my camera any more, if I set the switch to HDV?

Can something as mundane as a perhaps too old Firewire cable or are there any drivers that I need to install?

I have also already tried the drivers (if I put the camera on DV, then Windows7 recognizes the hardware as an A / V ...") manual install but the JVC model of my camera is not listed in the manufacturers .

Do you have a solution?

Thank you ever now!

Best regards


Antwort von Mylenium:

"Stone1982" wrote: But the JVC model of my camera is not listed by the manufacturers.

Um, why synonymous? You install the FW card, not the camera. Drivers download (ASUS?), Device Manager -> FW-old mark -> Remove, allow to search for new hardware and select the correct drivers manual -> right click.



Antwort von Stone1982:

If the camera in DV mode is connected, this appears as "A / V. .." etc. in Device Manager. My firewire card is there anyway available separately as an IEEE 1394 bus host controller.
However: your tip, I've also already tried. Drivers have to "Camera" and the Firewire card installed manual or in the case of the camera can not install because the model is not listed.


Antwort von Mylenium:

I do not quite understand. If the card is OHCI-compliant, does the mode of the camera no role. The controller then takes only premiere. Guess you just exactly in that you the device as a normal Windoze A / V device you installed, all bent and then grabs the dr Windows Movie Maker or other drivers in control. So cut out the appropriate devices and wiring only the FW interface ...



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