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Frage von DALIBOR333:


I use version 5.8 are about 1 years and now works are not so converted as before because now he converted to 1:1 ie real-time and not as before in 5 times less time, can someone explain why this is?

Many thanks in advance



Antwort von Stefan:

Define time when you can do so well, perhaps you will find the solution quickly. Do you have the day before installing new software?

Do not laugh: I'm now a Tage-/Notizbuch next to the calculator, where I mitprotokolliere certain actions ...

Good luck
The thick Stefan


Antwort von steveb:

new codecs installed? Is the present, to convert, file, unlike the previous ones? If so, how?


Antwort von DALIBOR333:

hello s.euch

I found the solution I had no more mpeg codec on it, and why it was so now I have a codec pack installed as mpeg input to run but are s.manchen it comes to jerk but now I can not abspielen.Kann AVI / Divx files someone tell me what codec I need to install? Can someone please tell me what codec I for reproducing one of Divx mpeg1 mpeg2 avi wmv mpeg4 etc. already brauche.Danke times



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