Infoseite // Windows Movie Maker - castrated version?

Frage von Bluesbrother:

Hello! I'm new here and want to achieve before I did the same with my annoying questions annoy beginners, first time all the best for new year's wish you and welcome! Now the problem: I did yesterday after the hour-long, meticulous and enthusiastic work my first own video with the Movie Maker made and composed, it then wanted to CD (or DVD) burn, but the prog tells me that it is not a writable CD finds (he had a DVD-RW, a R + and offered a CD - nothing funzt). Well, tell me, just to save hard drive and then burning it with the burning program. How do I put the DVD-RW disc into the DVD player, but says no disc! Then hab 'ich it with the R + probiert, but he can not read synonymous. Then I came - to the happiness of yourself! - It that a DVD player, not Windows Media files can be read and was s.Ende my knowledge (and my anticipation for video's), because I do not know how and in what format should I change / can. So, I now have a neutered version of Movie Maker, or can I somehow configure (but have found nothing ...), or should I get an older Magix (are cheaper than current and sufficient for my requirements completely off) or should I 1o öre me for the Pinnacle Instant Video Album kaufen (bdas good for what?). Would be nice if you could help me. Thanks in advance. Thomas


Antwort von Master_neo:

one has only the VOB or WMV to MPEG, convert to most DVD players. Some newer can still synonymous DIVX read.

MPEG2 encoders are usually paid for, an alternative, the program offers TMPEG (just google and try to share or is freeware)
For VOB (original DVD format), one could, for example, the plugin of Nero using Nero Vision Xpress 2 "... But depending on what key you use Nero synonymous with costs.

I would have understood how after "WMV2MPEG" or WMV2DIVX "gegooglet.

AND: a good video program of Magix or so but can not be good codec are. (except for MPEG 1, which is as far as I know anyway mostly free)


Antwort von Master_neo:

... Incidentally, what for me has worked reasonably well in the test was just that:

The Movie Maker as DV output (DV-AVI PAL) and then me Nero An SVCD or VCD draw. -> Will be auto of Nero 6 on the correct format.

However I have now so many codecs that not everybody will be equal.



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