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Frage von Fairface:

Good day dear community.
ETAS I have a serious problem with my Movie Maker.
I am a friend of various online games and like to record programs with third-scenes from the respective games. For this I usually use the program Fraps. Up until about 4-5 days, everything ran well. Now, however, were the following problems:

1. There would be no space available. What exactly can I do now I do not know exactly, but okay.

2. Plätzlich I get the message of the film the creation of Windos Movie Maker codec of the video can not load. Did he but so far always without problems.

3. And that is as far as the Spanish what ever happened to me. The Windows Movie Maker is in the creation and after a certain period of time turned my car from Pc. This geschiet but somehow only in recent times ... and honestly I have no idea why.

Could you help me? I would be more than happy answer any helpful.

Yours sincerely,


Antwort von robbie:

otherwise use the program.
Gamen you to use so synonymous not a graphics card ... 2 ¬


Antwort von Fairface:

I have, among other things already tried. But I know not many. Because the other programs which I use to support the codec not. As far as I know, WMM until now the only program that supports the codec Fraps. Or there are various other programs which support this codec? If so could you give me what?


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