Infoseite // Windows Movie Maker: Not enough virtual memory to store movie

Frage von Matt S.:

I have a big problem:
When compiling a movie with WMM everything went super. But when I want to save the movie depends on either the PC or to tell me that it was too little virtual memory. Regardless of whether I use the movie to hard drive or CD store wants. My RAM is 256 MB and I have the virtual memory on the maximum size of 768 MB expanded.
Is it perhaps s.der amount of data? He shows with 150MB on.
What can I do?
How can I erkenen when the data volume is too high?
Can someone help me, or has someone a similar problem with WMM?
Matt P.


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

256 MB is for an XP system, just not enough. 512 should already be there, I personally have 1 GB and for large picture / video works is synonymous is already the lowest limit.
Greetings from Kiel,


Antwort von marixxx:

hi, I think I have the same problem.
hab A FILM (quite a lot of jpg images and a couple videos + mp3s) and finished as a project file is saved, but my laptop can ding me simply as a movie file is not saved. it depends either on or just tell me that can not save them first.
There is a possibility that my work was not in vain and I somehow the project file can store a movie?


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