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Frage von anjalange:

last few days had a problem.
wanted to dub the film Holiday, has worked fine synonymous now
Sound and picture are deferred.
What now?

The recorded film in the camera is correct (; Picture and tone equal)
I'll do something wrong but when dubbing!
It would be nice if I could help one!



Antwort von Meggs:

Try capturing the times with Scenalyzer


Antwort von carstenkurz:

You probably recorded the movie from a DV-camera and give it back during the editing on a computer monitor and sound card. But there is no reliable synchronous relationship between computer video and separate sound card. Importing when it was made of DV, but will definitely produce synchronous material, and presumably the material in Movie Maker is actually synonymous 'internal' or synchronously, but when playing it asynchronously. What do you want to turn the material? If you burn the final product onto a DVD, chances are very high that it will be back synchronously. Ditto if your camcorder allows the finished product back to a DV tape to write.

If Movie Maker has an option to set a picture-sound offset is beyond my knowledge.

- Carsten


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