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Frage von Casination:

Hello, and good morning!
I finally tonight again sat down to my last memory to edit videos. I have a SonyDCR-HC27 and am speaking in general and a bloody Beginners. The cam I have for Christmas and did not gegönnt big claims and would simply like a few videos together cut. I have 3 films already synonymous with the Windows Movie Maker made and am quite satisfied as far.
The Movie Maker has given me has always been small clips created when I took the manual. Whenever I click on "Stop Recording" button, it has a single clip he created. But did tonight, he no longer is. From now on same (which means it has once again worked as always) at the start of the WWM, not individual clips to create, but it creates only one file. If I play them, I see every single click on "Stop Recording" as the cut in the video but he simply does not draw more clips. It is as if I were not on "manual record" but to "whole" Capture Video "gone. I do not understand and would be glad if I could help someone here!
I have been synonymous over the menu item "Tools -> Create Clip" tried, but no chance as synonymous.
I can not understand, because as I said, at the first video hats still works with the clips, then gabs only these large files, keep Tiered clips together, but without interruption.
Oh, and the menu item "Create clips after you quit the wizard," I have activated synonymous to synonymous, I had never been disabled.
Please help and we are WORLD CHAMPION 2010
Greeting s.alle


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Carsten,

Movie Maker is increasingly suspicious of me, as often on all sorts of problems to read - mostly what the film output is concerned. My only idea of what your editing program has set off could have went in the direction of a system change (<- Link with other information).

What you could do without you with finding the cause and repair deal with


Antwort von Casination:

Hello Mark!
First, many thanks for your quick reply. I have Miter times the program downloaded, but if I try it today, I still can not, it is still synonymous Beergarden wonderful weather. It would be nice if it would work but I would meld me again!
Schönen abend you and lr to the days!


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