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Frage von Campi:

Hello and although I had a Viedeo manufactured on BF2 so it should ind the stored version 119MB large. There 17min. long.

I can not in good or higher quality store, which rises into the immeasurable time. I have high quality (small window) asked but there is really shitty quality ...

how do I get ne geile quality?

if I still on the high quality or on the mainstream wants to save what he pretends sometimes synonymous since smeine hard drive is full even though there is enough memory on it and it is synonymous some files are missing even though all could be there ...

How do I get out the urgently needed assistance.

Thanks in advance

Mfg Campi


Antwort von AndyZZ:

No word!
Hol mal deep breath and describe us what you want to do and with which program. If you then set the decimal point and is perhaps what draus.


Antwort von Gehri Kurt:

Yes sry had this morning had to go quickly to work: D

So once again ahead of ...

I have with Fraps (a program for recording videos in the game) with the game Battlefield 2 different video sequences recorded.

So I wanted to do this now with the Windows Movie Maker together with painting and music at a few screenshots (small images).

So the film, collected the first time I've saved is normally 1.03 MB size of the film is 17min. long.

So now I wanted the film as WMV Save "FILM Save File"

as "Best quality for playback on your computer" so it was not increased because the remaining time until about 4000min. s.and it is not 1% but remained all the time at 0%. then he brought me this error message "This project contains source files, the absence or after the import have been changed. The project can not be saved, etc. ..." But I have all the files in my project inside ...

So then I made myself clever compatriots here and if I find a similar instance, I've synonymous. And although I should be in the advanced video settings to "video, high quality (small) set.

worked but now synonymous kommts, the film is in the shitty quality apologize properly. Everything is verzert no one can recognize text and nix.

What it suggests to me now? how do I get the film on good quality stored?

achja Nochwas when I open my project says he wants me the following error message ...

"First element in the file is not EBML" what does this mean I have everything that is in the Project for the movie files are not missing. this message comes quite often in a row ...

So I hope that was jetz ne proper error description: D

Mfg Campi


Antwort von Campi:

Will I receive synonymous nor an answer to my question?

I do not want your nerves but it is totally important to me because I need the full video store.

Mfg Campi


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