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Frage von Simsim:


I'm sorry, I do not know if I post the grad s.richtigen site. 've Already searched the Internet, but I find no solution to my problem. I hope that one can help me here. =)

I try with Windows Movie Maker my individual videos of the game Sims 3 (IrfanView file type AVI File) everything as a movie make. I transitions in gif and jpg format. But my transitions disappear each time and then I do "check for broken File". If I want to watch the movie then in another user program, all my scenes are replaced by other of the other user.

Can I perhaps help any? =)



Antwort von tommyb:

You get you a decent program for cutting - the Windows Movie Maker is the last scrap and makes more problems than needed.

Look around you by program director or editing programs such as Power of Magix.


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