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Windows MovieMaker vs. Premiere Elements 1.0

Windows Movie Maker vs.. Premiere Elements 1.0

Frage von theFox:
Oktober 2005

Hi All,
I have now after messing around with my video material and the WMM a bit, for me, the question arises with which program I want for my birthday now create video. According to the research here in the forum I've seen there are many different Programs and everyone has their favorite tool. So I would now like to ask a very pragmatic question:

Who else could the benefits of Premeiere Elements 1.0 to explain briefly tell WMM /. Weaken, or simply about the two tools.

Source Material: DV-AVI and of "Analog Cam via capture card gecapturetes MPG2 material (the material of MPEG WMM was adopted but only after converting to DIVX, previously error occurs and is stopped import).

As there are indeed elements of a new 2.0 version, there will no doubt soon to buy the 1.0 so cheap. 've Ever looked on eBay, so p.30 euros. Since I do not own cam, and it probably does not happen again so fast that I need to edit a video, it is stop spending, the question whether it is worth the money. The aim is ultimately a beautiful birthday video on DVD to be :-)

Thank you for your trouble in advance

Antwort von Voltz:

Well, the WMM is really just a toy. Although you can cut and paste so easy transitions. But with a proper video editing program, it is actually not at all comparable. Therefore, it would be somewhat tedious to list all the differences, the importance of which may open up for you anyway, only if you have gained more experience.

Anyway to get a rough idea here, I recommend you to visit the manufacturers sites. There is usually a page on which all the features of the program are listed in tabular form, at least.

In addition to Premiere Elements of synonymous Ulead, Pinnacle and Magix are new versions come out or just released soon. Here, too, so may get bargains for you.
If you want to stay with Premiere Elements, here synonymous, there is a 30-day trial version, but big is powerful (not DSL) no chance. Not quite as big test versions, it is synonymous with the other candidates, although there are some limitations in their trials, unfortunately. Then you'd have some research beforehand.

Antwort von Chris2:

Premiere Elements 1.0 is a stripped down version of the professional editing program, Adobe Premiere Pro. That means you come into the comfort of a complex, stable and mature engine under the hood and an intuitive interface. Was saved with the program, such as ussMöglichkeiten allowed to use two monitors to be allowed to hide individual video tracks via "eye" icon or a quick-and enlarged the complex effects such as "Color Correction".

Basically, this program but lacks very little that you need for home users in the everyday video editing - quite the contrary. Synonymous, and if you take a "rise" like, well worth taking a familiarization certainly, because it comes as a user element once synonymous with Premiere Pro clear.

I have gained my Premiere Elements, when I on work while working with Premiere Pro, but for me at home, the expensive Adobe Video Collection can not afford yet. PremElements there is a good compromise. And definitely Each and every one measly point better than the Windows Movie Maker!

Antwort von theFox:

Good morning,
Thanks for your tips!

Because I am unfortunately no DSL is available to the trial, I will not be able to use test /. But the overall sound is so unique, it is the lengths to better than the WMV. Where we must not forget synonymous but yes he is free. I will then look around times on eBay or something for a cheap version of Elements 1.0. When you consider that Elements 2.0 will cost about 100 euros and the fix only 70, I can safely ne Elements 1.0 for 30 euros and then outputting irgenwann may still change by updates. Unless someone else has a better recommendation, I think is just like my purchase per item 1.0.

Thanks for your tips and hints!


Antwort von Voltz:

In this context, one can draw attention to the quiet times Slashcam Workshop to Premiere Elements:

Antwort von Chris2:

I think a good buy. More for your money than in Premiere Elements, you will hardly get. (However, there are synonymous Vegas experience a favorable light version for beginners ... they have never been tested and personally would prefer synonymous ALWAYS premiere ... but she was still here synonymous times mentioned).

Antwort von theFox:

Good morning again

Thanks for further tips and suggestions. I'll then look at the making me hunt for a Prisgünstigen Elements version. So fingers crossed :-)

One more quick question in between.
If I see it right, the man with the Adobe After Effects can only "add effects later in a movie? So it is specialized in?


Antwort von madhonk:

Keep in touch!

As the name says it all: After Effects!
Effects can be retrofitted for a walk (eg: an elephant on the village green or similar)
After Effects, but it is a complex program and can seeeeeehr really much more than you think to the effects of her!

Purpose Premiere: grad write about it DipArbeit and can only recommend it to you!


Antwort von Chris2:

well, that with the elephant is sooo not a good example. For an elephant with After Effects, you can NOT guaranteed to produce (except perhaps very complicated) in the comic book as a mask animation. But what you could do in After Effects would be the recording of an elephant at the zoo to incorporate into that of a village square. Or install a generated in a 3D program elephants in the Picture one square. This is called compositing (the combination of different types of material) and just that After Effects provides a variety of very useful tools and options. We dominated the techniques of compositing, After Effects is a VERY powerful tool - although you should be aware that After Effects really create in the first place for combining of material and not to of such can be used. Good material and possibly additional program to create images of CG (eg, a 3D program like 3DS Max) are essential to the successful work with After Effects.

Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hello theFox!

I agree with Voltz:
"Voltz" wrote:
Well, the WMM is really just a toy. Although you can cut and paste so easy transitions. But with a proper video editing program, it is actually not at all comparable.

AND add that while these few functions are present but not a frequent cutting of shooting approximate support (comfort). In addition, a normal video projects for the WMM are too large with regard to speed (slow) and stability (crashes).


Antwort von Markus:

"theFox" wrote:
If I see it right, the man with the Adobe After Effects can only "add effects later in a movie? So it is specialized in?

A partial list of priorities of Premiere (Elements) and After Effects, you can find help in Adobe After Effects: Bin total Beginners and search Tuts. ;-)

Antwort von theFox:

Good morning again
I just paid 21 euros (including shipping) for my yesterday auctioned Elements 1.0 version. Then let me surprise me if I s.end times a week synonymous to the series of enthusiastic users would classify element :-)

Thanks again for all the suggestions and tips.

Now we're well incorporated then erstmal ans :-)


Antwort von theFox:

after the first turn I can say that have been worth the 21 euros. To make the videos in the WMM Porblèmes be easily read and can be edited! Menu guide, windows, etc. to make a good impression.

So thank you for your tips!



Antwort von Nightfly!:

Na super! So be it!
Have fun,

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