Infoseite // With 2 cameras LIVE at the same time

Frage von basti76nie:


I want a little product video shoot. Thus I have the 30-minute recording is not always only one camera angle to see I should have a second camera will be placed. (Total + Portrait)
To the sound comes across well synonymous, a wireless microphone bought.

Now to my problem:
The wireless microphone is s.Mikrofoneingang the first video camera connected. This video camera is connected via Firewire s.Mac Quicktime and then takes on Picture and Sound.
From the second video, I need only the Picture (Where DV tape recorded).
Then I went s.Mac both cut and edit films.
Now I have just remembered that I can not be the good sound of a video camera with the picture from the DV tape synchronously to get.

So I thought, I agree with both cameras via Firewire HUB s.Mac s.and take on both Quicktime video simultaneously. The wireless microphone, I would have in the line-in input of the Mac ambitious.
Both cameras would be considered the source line-in input to record. Thus, any film for the regular sound.
Unfortunately, when only a Quicktime movie recording.

How würdert you will do? Is it difficult to picture and sound in the post-synchronously to get?
(Expensive Video Mixer with DV IN / OUT are not in question)


PS I have many ideas but unfortunately none of Money :-)


Antwort von Meggs:

There is usually no Problemm the recordings of 2 camcorders to synchronize the cut. There is no preference as to whether to DV tape or on disk was recorded. Useful tool is the good old film door.
The clips remain synchronously if they were synchronized s.einer body.

From version 2, I would advise against. The sound card is not necessarily synchronously to DV Recording, Sound and Picture could walk apart. Surpassing the good sound on one of the two camcorders to record.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The thoughts I share. I think it is synonymous for better, the Micro s.eine Camera adapter synonymous and synchronizing the two videos is no problem if you have a striking Ereigneis has clips in both. (Film flap or flash)


Antwort von basti76nie:

Thanks for your idea with the flap and / or Flash.
Will try Picture and Sound synchronously to get.



Antwort von booster:

I can express myself, my speakers just connect two sources, you get in an editing program, very easy syncron, I always make it synonymous with a flash, is really only 1 frame can be seen, in addition, you can still synonymous in the middle of the blickwinkel two camera axes and provide a Syncronklatscher do, then you have a visual and audible indication to syncronisieren.


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