Infoseite // With Final Cut Pro 7 Open Final Cut Pro 6 does not go

Frage von Der-Reisende:

Good day,

I installed Final Cut Pro 7 forward, but there are always problems for me.

I would like to open 7 FCT with old projects of Final Cut Pro 6, but the project files are exec files and it can not open.
What should I do so I can open it?

Thanks in advance


Antwort von Axel:

No idea what you mean. The film door with the info icon Final Cut Pro project file can be opened without problems. It was asked whether with the new version may be saved, as it is - the reverse with you - then with the old can no longer open.


Antwort von Der-Reisende:

The film dampers symbols, will not open, what should I do


Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

Exec files does not sound good.

Mir schwant was: the files gräulichle rectangular area symbols without real-Picture Icon Is? and Unix files? or who files a Final Cut Pro icon?

I now can not rauslesen owned a hundred.

If they have a Final Cut Pro icon, there should be no problems. Otherwise, the file owner rights verscuhe set entirely on free, so free beer for all.

Is it the horrible file mentioned above, I would say the files have been tampered with or broken. Sometimes it is synonymous in the Finder or in other programs, then speak in the dialogue of Exec files. That's true. Ie Execute Unix executable files. Occurs often synonymous with manipulated or files on the system no longer recognizes. Which does not mean that they can not be saved. Depends what was done with it.


Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

Otherwise: Digital Rebellion Project Repair Tool

Link: ->


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