Infoseite // With Premiere Pro, no volume control via mouse pointer over?!

Frage von marsinger:

How can it be that one at the "advanced" version of Premiere Pro, "the volume is no longer simple rules by dividing the volume line of the clip clicking here, where you want the keyframe and then raufziehen via down-or line segments, the volume controls? In any case, the line is unanklickbar with me-no preference with whom Tool - "". You have to turn up the volume 3x komplzierter regulate oversize windows. Nothing more with: Soundtrack unfolded, Volume zurechtgezerrt line by mouse?
I hope the super-smart premiere developers of this "semi" hidden feature in the Pro version only bashfully somewhere where one can hardly find anymore? Where is it? Or was actually worse for Premiere?

Thanks for hints!
mars inger


Antwort von Jörg:

hi again,
Then we're doing here next the same.
Here you have more luck than with movement. The great professional set of microscopic dots that can be packed after 12 hours of work synonymous always sure and push the feature has been given to you in full.
In the track header to expand the track, clip, or select trace level, and share happy dots move, even synonymous, the old shortcut probably still go. Do not know exactly habs for 18 months no longer needed.
Good luck with braids keep them - quickly ducking --
cheerful greetings Jörg

oh, yes, some new-fangled stuff are ignorant of the Adobe as yet can still reingebaut.Man the middle keyframes Bezier curves persuade accelerate or decelerate slowly and so what ...


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