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Mit welchem Programm AVCHD möglichst verlustfrei schneiden

With which program AVCHD possible loss cut

Frage von beast75:
November 2008


For weeks I go through this forum and suck everything in me to know it.
However, I could still find no mention of me says:
What editing program and the AVCHD codec is virtually lossless geschnitten.

've Tried everything and am with Cyberlink PD7 and Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate hängengeblieben.
Firstly, because the studio I use for many years.
Second PD7 has the best performance while cutting.
AND ... the results are (according to my discretion) the best.

I have tried already synonymous Edius pro, PremiereCS4 and Magix.
These were cut when it comes slowly and at synonymous render everything takes longer than the first mentioned.

ONLY: I do not know what the best codec for my final product is.
I have tried to
MPG2 1080i HDV PD7 with 25kBit; BD 25kBit with 1902x1080, 1920x1080 AVCHD with 14.8 kbit
Studio12 HDV2 1080i with 25kBit (1440x1080); AVCHD with 17kBit

Why HDV: because that can be applied to almost any PC with the VLC player without major requirement s.CPU and GPU play.
For my laptop (Dell XPS 1730 with Intel Core Duo T7500 & 3GB Ram) encode is AVCHD (at least at the Studio 12) is too slow: Error encoding (transitions and bucking Picture & Sound are async.)
Nevertheless, I would be interested if I AVCHD with fewer losses than would have if I live in, for example. HDV2 encode if synonymous with HDV and AVCHD 25kBit with 17kBit created. (If I had another PC).

Or if another program if it is better and I'm just too stupid.

Asking for clarification.

Oh yes, I film with a Canon HF100. Amateur filmmakers.

Thank you


Antwort von WoWu:

Nevertheless, I would be interested if I AVCHD with fewer losses than would have if I live in, for example. HDV2 encode if synonymous with HDV and AVCHD 25kBit with 17kBit created.

Yes, you would have, if the HDV synonymous supporters always like to "see it as not" bring into play.
Canon and Panasonic will use in the AVCHD HighProfile@4.1, Sonybenutzt the MainProfile@4.1.
High Profile has various advantages and tools, such as the macroblocks Resolutionin to 4x4 pixels. This is the motion resolution considerably. But advantages synonymous in the chroma processing HP@4.1 bring in a better color rendition.
These changes are in the "Main Profile of Sonybenutzen not. To that extent reduces the advantage of image quality to MPEG2. There used SonyCABAC, an encoding method, which is significantly more effective than the Huffmann coding. The large number of serial computing cycles to the CABAC function are necessary, only powerful CPUs are provided. Therefore the impact of such changes, other than the tools in HP, only to the space, but not on picture quality.
In this respect you have with the camera has made the right choice.
But in any case remains synonymous in MP, are process-related improvements over MPEG2.
It should, however, with your calculator when you use a software like Vegas no real problem, to cut AVCHD.
In any case I would keep the original files, because the hardware and software is still not synonymous and are one day you will be synonymous to enjoy the full quality.

Antwort von beast75:

Hello Wolfgang,

thanks for the quick reply.

Obviously I will lift the original files, because that was the time s.Markt is not the measure of all things can be.
Wichitg is only the Erkenntis me that if I had AVCHD source material and then re-encode in AVCHD, I have less losses than if I encode HDV. I hope I've understood correctly)
Until the right software is available and the richtge calculator in my home, I will continue to 1920x1080 BD encode.

Thank you very much


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

then re-encode in AVCHD, I have less losses than if I encode HDV

That is not always, comes to hold the quality of the H.264 AVC encoder in the NLE. In any case, since I have not software encoder paths crossed, the better it could be regarded as an encoding MPEG2-HD in the area in which I work (amateur videographers).

Whether image quality losses are clearly visible or not depends of course, the quality of the playback chain: Video File ---> HDTV from!

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Beast 75
That you have understood correctly ... once the macro block size to 8x8 and 16x16 was limited (MPEG2), it will never again 4x4.
The high accuracy by the large number of motion coefficients is lost in MPEG2.
Intention, it is synonymous, not only from the H.264 format to another to play in the chain but H.264 Blu-ray to stay.

@ Bruno
We are completely agree that both AVCHD as synonymous Blu-ray is the lowest possible level of quality H.264 (HD range) show. Especially Sonywith his MainProfile@4.1 is largely based on optimizing space apart and it seems less on achieving better grades. But at 24Mbit (without CABAC) are clearly (and visibly synonymous) better qualities compared to MPEG2. Were one to 24 Mbit / s still synonymous CABAC add, could be more tools to further improve quality without increasing the data rate.
When I give you MP@4.1 absolutely right, the difference you can see little, if you do not exactly know what we must respect, but HP@4.1 is pretty clearly visible.
Unfortunately, there is but synonymous "the rod" of Blu-ray has to end.

Antwort von beast75:

Hello Wolfgang,

If I understand correctly, changes in AVCHD MPG2 to encode the macroblock size of 8x8 or 4x4 to 16x16. But if I encode in BD, I get 4x4.

BUT: if I for example. PD7 with my film reckon there are only let in MPG2 BD.
In the studio I have the choice either BD or MPG2 AVC.
Question: Would the studio with the choice of AVC H.264 chain and remain in MPG2 leave?

Which program you think has the best result and with what codec and what settings?

Thank you very much


Antwort von wolfgang:

There were already the products of Sonygenannte - Vegas Pro 8c and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9b. I would test the times, if you're interested - there are free trials on the Sony website.

Otherwise, yes, you stay with the studio in the AVC-chain synonymous when it may well be that the internal structure of the issued material - such as the GOP structure - but for different source material.

The SonyAVC encoder quality is actually not bad, but does on some computers but still have problems (Vista, Quad) - therefore, before the purchase is essential to test the free trials.

Antwort von beast75:

Thanks Wolfgang for the quick replies.

lg BEAST75

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