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Frage von nev:


I've chosen for my new workstation for the following configuration AVCHD editing in CS5.

OS: Win 7 / 64
CPU: 2x Intel ® Xeon ® X5680 (3.33GHz 6.4GT / s, 12MB, 6C)
RAM: 48GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC RDIMM (12x4096)
HD: 3 x 300GB (10,000 rpm.) SATA hard drive with 16MB (Raid 0)
HD-ext: Dulce PRO RXD (16TB)
Graphics: 2x Nvidia Quadro FX5800 4GB
Monitor: Eizo or Quato

Does it make sense the operating system along with CS5 to a Raid 0 install or less likely?



Antwort von Eastside:

I would use four graphics cards, two rich certainly not enough. And then the NVIDIA Quadro synonymous 6000th Otherwise you can get problems.


Antwort von friuli:

So for Premiere is not necessary, but for After FX is quite decent.
The more RAM, the longer the RAM preview.

2 GraKas bring but unfortunately not double CUDA.

On the digital interface such fair, the monsters were synonymous under the tables.

If an Opteron-based system to possibly cheaper?




Antwort von RickyMartini:

SLI (dual-GPU) you can use in PPro CS5 not exist, so a map is quite enough! ;)
i7 systems are faster than Opteron systems in PPro. The number of h.264 tracks is determined by the performance of the CPU!


Antwort von JetSetStar:

install windows and CS5 to SSD
faster than raid


Antwort von rush:

With 3x 300GB hard drive space you'll mM after but in terms of DV editing synonymous fairly quickly come to the limit ... .


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