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Frage von Gonzo07:

I would like to create the smallest possible film (for example web. wmv 200kbit / s)

everything goes so far, but when I use effects, it was synonymous only a fade in / fade from one scene, the film is actually runtergerendert only 3 mb is large sudden large over 25 mb. (and all effects are in the final then green?) Creation of DVD with high quality all is well.

Are there any Pinnacle Studio 10 for no way to get small effects and titles? "It looks as though always in Mpeg2 or DV quality is rendered.

The source material is the way of a DV Cam via firewire.

Thank you in advance ...... schonmal


Antwort von Markus:


Just export your movie as a DV-AVI, DV-start a new project, import the movie and then export it in the desired format. Then all the panels, should be entitled to vote, etc..


Antwort von MiXMaster:


Super das went so well ...

Although nearly all-grumble about Pinnacle, I think, this software just synonymous for beginners in this field, not bad.


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

Well, in principle, I give you right. Especially for beginners, but if you want synonymous times quickly render a slideshow or a simple unkapriziöse clip series, the program is not so bad. It all happens pretty quick, and a DVD is created quickly.

But, was stable until the 9.4.3, it was a tough struggle. Support is very mau And when there came a reaction, then they did not fit the question.

The fear's just that this 10.xy when repeated, especially since the first update is already out of here.

Whether then the 9.x also purchased equipment in different plug-ins are valid next, I have also not been able to find out.

In principle, I agree with you but rather, the approach is good, and that now the well-known as the Liquid engine will be used, gives us hope. The year is still young ...


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