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XDCam HD (MXF-Files) Schnitt

XDCAM HD (MXF files) cut

Frage von sorption:
März 2007


I am sitting here at 4 hours XDCAM HD material (MPEG HD SP, 1440x1080 px, 50i) and consider, as I finished my film s.besten cut.
My plan is to one day cut a HD space to rent, the files in DV quality down to convert me (Premiere Pro 2) and later to cut if necessary with the help of an EDL Cut List the HD version on nem leased space to cut.
My questions:
1.) which codec is suitable for the s.besten downsampling?
2) I will probably cut me a place to rent with Vegas. What format can Premierekompatiblen Vegas to spend?
3) Does anyone have experience with general workflow this done? Is the way that I've since considered practicable at all?

Thank you for your help.
Gruß Alex

Antwort von Marco:

Premiere Can not synonymous with the XDCAM proxies work? So, what again downkonvertieren unnecessarily because, if such downkonvertierten copies of the originals in the form of proxy so anyway on the disc are available.

Premiere If the proxies can not handle (the question would follow: Why not the same with the HD originals work ???), you could - depending on what exactly you do want - a rough initially synonymous with the free XDCAM Software PDZ-1 and make the result as an output cut list, which was later imported into Vegas, and finished against the original HD can be changed.

Or - again another way - why do you then not equal to the entire production in Vegas. Vegas each XDCAM format - SD as HD - direct capture of the ProDisc and ProDisc back on spending. It can cut the list of PDZ-1 import in the ProDisc to the existing proxy or HD originals convert, as of the ProDisc only the meta-data, the proxies or the HD-load originals. It is always an exchange at any time to the HD originals possible, whether for individual files or the same for the entire Project.
And if you initially work with the proxy want (which - as I said - already on the car per disc - have no need to render extra again), then you can on almost every PC vulnerable to later draw the HD version to convert.


Antwort von sorption:

Premiere Can not synonymous with the XDCAM proxies work?

Do you Subclips? I've always assumed that Premiere does not handle MXF clips can. Will it give it a try tonight. But the quality of these clips is modest. I'm not quite sure s.das to assess the cut last.

Why do you not like the entire production in Vegas. Vegas each XDCAM format - SD as HD - direct capture of the ProDisc and ProDisc back on spending.

A Vegas-cut first place I would have money for expensive rent. Also I will not go into a new program must be trained. And last but not least, I am working and can only evenings or weekends s.den cutting. Ergo Calculator own at home is the best choice.

In any case, I will look at the XDCAM software PDZ1 times in detail. The man is so synonymous cut, I knew not.


Antwort von Marco:

Vegas is just a software-only system. An average rent of an expensive place to be not absolutely necessary, because eventually it would be sufficient if you with the (free) demo version would handle that on pretty much any PC can be installed. The connection s.das XDCAM device is done via Firewire. Special hardware for XDCAM editing with Vegas is not needed (except a little performance for the HD-cut).

If Premiere with MXF can not handle, you will have bad cards. The proxy files (Subclips) should be cut for the actual range, but it should be based on these proxy files no color, geometrically-based effects, sound mixing, or even Tonmastering be made, since the deviations from the original size.

The PDZ-1 are raw cuts are possible: sequence, In - and Outpunkte for each clip set.

Gruß Marco

Antwort von PowerMac:

How about with Final Cut Pro? MC? This offline workflow with Premiere is pretty shitty. The incorporation lasts shorter than the circumstances and the timing and risk potential failures with the last batches in Premiere. V. s.weil in the IT-based formats other than tape. Ie always s.einem online editing system to work right.

Antwort von PowerMac:

So you want to:

With a capture editing system, then the contents of quality x y down to the quality expected. With b offline editing system in y-cut quality. Back s.Schnittsystem a give-line, everything after Batch and final CC / compositing mixture. And you believe that it will work? Perhaps of Avid to Avid. But once an EDL into play and TMCS in the clips nachgebatcht be klappt das nicht. Ergo: Plug-in for Premiere buy, or better editing system.

Antwort von ulimors:

@ sorption,

wg. F330 / 350: you can email me at times?

Thank you!



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