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XDCAM in Final Cut Express?

XDCAM in Final Cut Express?

Frage von Spielkind:
November 2008

hello everybody!
I've searched a lot everywhere, synonymous last resort, but not the real solution. hopefully someone can think of to help you?

I'm working on Final Cut Express 4th
Cameraman with a Sony (I think EX1), in any event, a XDCAM.

Now the following problem:
I can FCE4 file with the cam not edit it. so I use visualhub of the files to MP4 with the best qualified in 16:9 converted. (default: force encodage with ffmpeg)

-> The files in FCE4 load in the preview is not synonymous topic, but if ichs wants to play in the canvas, is extremely jerky, you can not work with. the mac is powerful enough.
is probably due to the fact that the FCE4 the XDCAM codec does not have or use. (hab him apparently installed by the XDCAM clipbrowser I have installed)
only way to work: rendering -> Edit -> Render

is not the true solution.
then I tried with the clipbrowser the DATN to avi convert to DV (letterbox) in order to work.
synonymous everything works wonderfully, as well as preview canvas plays super s.and the work is very pleasant. but it is far too much quality is lost. is also text that I insert FCE with barely readable (very blurry).

somebody has an idea how I sukunft with the data of the cam is to evade or may in future cameraman vllt something differently?

Many many thanks, people!

Antwort von PowerMac:

FCS buy.

Antwort von Spielkind:

you do not like how I would make ds, but unfortunately there was no chef wants to spend more money;)

Antwort von PowerMac:

Mir is just not a good option. I guess after ...

Antwort von Spielkind:

Thank you for your effort in advance! :) Then I hope times .. I have tried with the clipbrowser export as MXF, FCE may seem synonymous, but nothing to start with: /

Antwort von Jogi:

"Spielkind" wrote:
Thank you for your effort in advance! :) Then I hope times .. I have tried with the clipbrowser export as MXF, FCE may seem synonymous, but nothing to start with: /

Liquid 7.2
Vegas 8
Final Cut Pro ... EX1 clips can edit!

Antwort von Spielkind:

well, as I said: I have no money available, I am therefore instructed to FCE.
but there must be a possibility, the XDCAM format somehow in an HD format to convert, with the FCE cope?

Antwort von PowerMac:

Okay, then:

XDCAM (EX)-component is installed?
Clips with the XDCAM transfer program from the MP4 to native XDCAM-EX Quicktime movies (. Mov) Convert, umwrappen. These clips can you with the batch converter of MPEG Streamclip to Apple Intermediate convert HD video. Voilá.

Antwort von Spielkind:

wow, if it works you are my god! ^ ^
schonmal thank in advance that gedanken you've done to help me!

Now I have the problem that XDCAM Transfer nich funzt, he tells me of what does not work with version 7 database, this is Version 8 or something .. I google a bit, vllt I find the solution.

Antwort von Spielkind:

so, hab new version of XDCAM Transfer downloaded and installed. (2.8)

He tells me the start, many codecs are missing usder XDCAM EX codec.

when I start the prog anyway, he shows me on the clips "no image available" and they can not play.
I do not synonymous, the functional, as they are. mov spend? only the option "export to file clip ..."
what to do? : /

Antwort von Spielkind:

have now found the following possibility (certainly not the best, but seems to work):

I convert the clips of the cam with visualhub (uses ffmpeg) to *. mp4 and then I convert it with quicktime Mpeg Streamclip to-files (Apple Intermediate Codec). unfortunately can streamclip mpeg files of the cam may not be directly read.

if someone has a better solution, I'm All Ears!
I thank you PM, I would not otherwise come to this solution.

Antwort von PowerMac:

If you ever s.einem Final Cut Pro Calculator are, you could see the XDCAM EX codec from the plugins folder of quicktime steal. Since it would have to go.

Antwort von Spielkind:

hmm do not think that I will have the possibility, a maximum could someone send it to me;) ^ ^

Antwort von Jogi:

@ Spielkind,
through the entire Wandelei in other formats, does ne 's.Qualität quantity of EX1 clips lost. If such an expensive Cam, then an NLE synonymous but the EX1 can edit clips, at least with MXF can start something!

Antwort von Spielkind:

well, it is not my (our) camera.
the cameraman is filming with this and we only get his files. are measured in interviews etc, will be in the network as FLV asked, so goes most of the quality is lost anyway.
While annoying, the quality that we use may not be complete, but a new NLE is not there, so I try the best out of and am glad now that I've found something better than they are to convert DV avi;)

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