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Frage von Mora57:

For several days I am owner of a EX1R and the Edius 5.5 release and struggling with many difficulties-Beginners. To put a clip in the timeline, I need to do several steps.
Here is my approach:
About the EXClip XDCAM Browser 2.6, I prefer the clips with the mouse of the memory of my EX1 in a folder on the hard drive. After opening of Edius 5.5 I would like to insert in the Bin window clips. insert the command "File" I go to the appropriate folder and a BPAV-File.die not see I can put it in the timeline. After double clicking this file BPAV I see four additional files (none of them is in the timeline). After double-clicking the file CLPR I get a file that I can put it in the timeline. Surely it can not be that I open multiple folders for each clip, it must so I can put the clip in the timeline.
What am I doing wrong?
Another question:
If the SonyPMW EX1R for recording on a normal DVD (4.7 GB) are not suitable?
The very good image quality recording of 1920X1080 50i is downscaled to DVD (in Edius) worse than the same images of a SonyPD 150th The sharpness of the Sony - the better shots. Normal The recordings the EX1R should be equivalent or even slightly better on DVD. I Can an EX1 user may give tips?

I am grateful for the help now.


Antwort von rush:

To import EX1 I can not contribute anything ...

The direct Downconert of HD material to Mpeg2 is true that it is out of Edius is mediocre. Vllt. I have overlooked something but synonymous with the results I'm not very happy.

I therefore always only going through the Canopus HQ codec and then encode with other external funding for a DVD or for web synonymous's.


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