Infoseite // XH A1: Small Record button is stuck

Frage von aight8:

The following problem. The small record button on the XH A1 is s.Henkel since yesterday evening when I plug it hit. There is a page put the knob, but it can print by repeatedly re-solve out from that position. I think the spring or the dynamics of which had stopped somehow shifted. S.drehen was yesterday in a club, the bass villeicht hatt as causing no idea!

What could you advise me?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

to observe the whole and, where appropriate, send the cam to the service.

B. DeKid


Antwort von nicecam:

"Aight8" wrote: ... The bass villeicht hatt as causing no idea!

That must be a powerful bass have been!

I did this at my place checked grad. There is as not a real pressure point to identify. You can press the button down so only as 1 to 2 mm. I use a little.

But as DeKid B. says: Watch ...


Antwort von Fenek:

2 ways
1.Saugen or 2 Blow ...

I would personally try it with the vacuum (by vacuum) first.
Then, "could" be an air compressor there hinieinhalten s.Tastschalter gently.
If that does not bring you:
Willich service!
With luck, maybe even grace ...

Good luck!


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