Infoseite // XH A1 stuttering?

Frage von aight8:

I have now looked at much more videos of the XH A1 and somehow I got the feeling you need a tremendous effort with this camera easy to turn even a quiet Picture. Although it is an opt. Bidstabi has.

For example, videos of the SonyAX 2000 one sees the other hand, a much more constant picture with nice panning without this constant stutter wen it even holds in his hand.

On what is this sensibility?


Antwort von nicecam:

Egg-jei-jei ...

The XH-A1 has a lot here so yeah ... insert - just plow through the last thread time ...

... But what we love the beats man!

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

I have the XH-A1 and feel the stability but very good!

I know the SonyAX 2000, but in it perhaps a dynamic stabilization built into the way described here: New Image Stabilization ...

That would explain some things. Is still better if the Manufacturer want it for.


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