Infoseite // XH-A1s resell & make rigged with Canon 5D Mark II?

Frage von The American:


I would like to once again hear opinions of some professionals.

I have an XH-A1 with dozens of accessories (head and Manfrotto LANC, Romy light micro Rode, wide-angle lens, filters and a Sennheiser wireless microphone set) and thus synonymous already on two trips (USA, NZ) filmed. That was all well so far and the handling class.

At the same time I still synonymous with a Canon 5D Mark II with all sorts of good lenses and accessories with which I have a couple of short clips synonymous rotated and have the beareiten can just as well in AP CS5, as the material of the XH. The image result is really good, almost better than the subjective, the XH.

It makes me wonder whether I use the film camera stuff does not sell (should be at least Sun 3000-4000 EUR) for me to buy then a decent rig of Base-X, ProGlide or Redrock (with Followfocus) for future related to rotate.

So far, long shoots were rare (sometimes theatrical performances, etc.), lot of it was like a clip (up to 10 minutes) and sequentially. I am thrilled by the possibilities (depth of field shots with ambient light and various lenses) very much.

I also think that there will be a system soon anyway Combined DSC / camcorder of Canon, which is then synonymous supports EF Lenses. Panasonic's has indeed demonstrated.

What do you think?


Antwort von r.p.television:

Currently, perhaps a good time to get rid of the XH A1, without having to cut with a large loss in the pens.

I myself had once an XH A1 and XL H1 one, but these have now exchanged for an EX1 and PMW-350.
Additionally I like you a 5D Mark 2 with FF, matte box, rig etc.
Just like you I find makes the DSLR in many cases subjectively better images. But not in all cases. Wide-angle shots are so clearly inferior to A1 or XH EX1. I only say Alias | Wavefront Mayaing and Moire next lesser detail resolution. Who can call in such cases to another camera, is a clear advantage.

If you are 5D Mark2 first to bridge goes, I would sell now actually the XH A1 and I will buy in the summer / fall of a new Canon camera (which I'm waiting just like you). With EF-mount. Provide a counterpart to the AF101.
Otherwise, I'm wondering about whether I have until then to gain fast times get a GH2. The costs so much.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Hard to say if you need the money then yes, otherwise the XH A1 and keep to use as long it falls apart, there are things every now and again since a cam is just sufficient enough already.

I would keep it.

B. DeKid


Antwort von The American:

Yes, so ebay is such a thing. If I would want to sell it anyway as a "system", otherwise you'll pay is so stupid and dumb. Experienced Buyer required, otherwise you love after more stress than a baking s.den is.

The money is always needed:) but yes I would have to invest in a rig again synonymous and synonymous to capture in a drive to the remaining tapes.

Is there any references for the Alias | Wavefront Mayaing and Moliere? Wahscheinlich but synonymous with the right lenses (17-40/4) filmed, right?



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