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XHA1  HDV50i mit Adobe Elements 4.0

XHA1 HDV50i with Adobe Elements 4.0

Frage von gregorb:
September 2008

Hello XHA1 fans in particular,
had my camera so now since a few days and already a lot of material. Recently voted in the mode HDV50i filmed. I now come, however, not entirely with my above-editing program, or clearly do not know if the settings are correct. Ye have indeed miles ahead of me and I would not be possible to make long tests.

My masks as I have in the plant set. What particularly irritates me that that I choose 50 frames and in the description appears 25frames. The question is synonymous to whether the compressor x264, H264 AVC encoder is right and if so, whether this is synonymous nor obtimale settings can be selected.

Ultimately, I would cut of my material a blu ray burn and of course, the best possible settings. Would someone, with this under the arms to grasp?

On my main machine is still synonymous me Premiero Pro CS 3 is available. However, I would like to my notebook already curious can intersect. For tips regarding CS3, I am obviously grateful synonymous.
Many Thanks

Antwort von gregorb:


Antwort von gregorb:

nearly 500-gazers, but None will answer?
Was probably more going on here. When asked the question wrong.

Maybe I have a new current which software would you cut for the XH-A1 recommend?

Antwort von gregorb:

Thanks for all the expert advice


Antwort von Axel:

Hey, do not shut. Is perhaps not as many Slashcam with APE, so I just. Modern programs should be cut normal HDV, so synonymous is the default for the 1080i50 mode A1, standard processing. APP CS3 is known that synonymous to the 25F mode is supported, which is probably still not universally so.

To your settings, I can not say anything, but it looks reasonable from. Except for the rendering to H.264. That is certainly the best codec for the final output, but why you do not render in HDV? What initially sounds plausible that the codec you choose, with which you want to export, is in any case necessary for the export Neukomprimierung even less sense. Unless you can create your entire project setting, ie the timeline already set to H.264 (?), Then the beginning of s.alles be rendered, and that will take. Commonly it renders well in the same codec (simple enough for normal operations and amateur stuff), or - at higher space needs - in an uncompressed codec. The how and why is a bit complicated, but I can imagine that with this setting, cutting no pleasure.

Antwort von gregorb:

Thank you Axel, that you yourself have accepted the case.
I had a few years ago, faster responses and here I thought it is still so, although the Canon community here so quite large appears to be.
I was synonymous with H264 very unclear. Now of course, have already gained knowledge. Although I have with CS3 and synonymous with Avid already worked, but when I use these programs from their own pockets to pay hears the fun editing program for a max. At 750 Euros. So I am now a little with Pincacle, Sony Vegas, Canopus and the new version of Magix employ.

Is it really that I am in a program in 50i bleibe cut and then the output codec choose? What would this program do?

Thank you very much

Antwort von Axel:

"gregorb" wrote:
Is it really that I am in a program in 50i bleibe cut and then the output codec choose? What would this program do?

I think virtually everyone. If WMM HDV could (?), It could be the synonymous. Please comment mal'n Windows.

Antwort von Kristinus Helmut:

Have the same camera for 1 year. Liqid cutting with Avid 7.2. Dui need a very strong graphics card and RAM to do so. If you're on a Notboock cut, then I would advise you to Edius. Video colleagues have very happy with it are. I used to do with Adobe's cut, it consumes so much of s.Power PC!

Antwort von gregorb:

Thank you both. Notebook with 4 GB Ram and 500 GB hard drive mE well equipped. From the processor would be synonymous suffice. Notebook is created for blue ray. Sliced, however, on a hard drive 1 TB 16 MB of Ram. Thanks for the tip of Canopus. Can you say what version the friends have?

Antwort von gfb5:


So I use Adobe PE4 and Edius 4.61 on both the notebook, as synonymous to the quad for my Canon XHA1 shots. Edius is running fine, but has the disadvantage of the DONGLE. That is ok at home, but while I always worry him some time to lose. That's why I use on most just PE4. However, I do because synonymous only minor editing projects.

Since the XHA1 in HDV (1440x1080, 50i) recording, I have had to cut programs, these two project settings and render synonymous in this setting out in MPEG HD. I use the AVCHD edition did not, because in many forums conclusively shown that it is a poorer quality.

Since my movies from the TVIX 6500 play, I have no experience with Blue-ray. I will not synonymous permanently "slices" to produce the play on the network or from the computer of the TVIX hard-drive is simply more comfortable.

Hope you like with this short general report helped to have your decision.

best greetings

Antwort von gregorb:

Yes thanks for the hint. Meanwhile, I have purchased Edius 5. Runs just great on the notebook properly. Adobie spins me as pretty rum. Synonymous graphical power Mätzchen in the timeline.

A question s.Rande: I have a project soon with two cameras to film. Now I had read here that can probably be at different cameras so the DV and HDV Canon HDV quietly admitted to be over and then editing the DV program as then both should output as DV. The quality is probably better than with the Canon DV recorded. Can you or someone else confirm this?


Antwort von Ficeduld:

Yes, absolutely! I guess with my XH A1 in HDV on and with my GS 400 in both DV and lands in the same Project. On DVD rendered looks downgerenderte HDV material subjectively still better than the native SD DV. Also I have the HDV for all cases on record for future projects HDTV ......

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